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ax which of the complying with is no descriptive that ChooseMyPlate?A. MyPyramid is the update illustration based on the various food groups and also recommendations about what and also how much to eat. B. A multi-colored plate that illustrates variety, with each shade representative of the five food teams C. A graphic image designed come encourage consumer to make healthy food and also physical activity choices every work D. An education and learning tool the illustrates the concepts of the diet Guidelines and USDA Food Guide
Definition A. MyPyramid is the updated illustration based upon the different food groups and recommendations around what and how much to eat.

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Term which of the following is an anthropometric measure?Select one:A. Food intake info B. Blood iron level C. Blood pressure D. Human body weight.
Definition d. Body weight
Term i m sorry of the complying with is a feature of the everyday Values uncovered on food labels?Select one:A. They specify a food as great source of a nutrient if the contributes at the very least 50% of the diet recommended entry B. They are expressed on a "per 1000-kcalorie intake" communication C. Castle assist world in determining even if it is a food includes a little or a most a nutrient D. They room updated every two years as mandated by the USDA
Definition C. Lock assist human being in determining even if it is a food consists of a small or a lot of a nutrient
Term details that must be lawfully noted on food brand includes all of the adhering to exceptSelect one:A. The amount recommended because that ingestion every day. B. The amounts of mentioned nutrients and also food components. C. The net materials expressed by weight, measure, or count. D. The surname and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor
Definition A. The amount recommended because that ingestion every day.
Term i beg your pardon of the following would many likely bring about a main nutrient deficiency?Select one:A. Diminished nutrient absorption B. Enhanced nutrient devastation C. Poor nutrient input D. Raised nutrient excretion
Definition C. Poor nutrient intake
Term Nutrient dense refers to foods thatSelect one:A. Are higher in weight relative to volume. B. Bring the USDA nutrition labeling. C. Provide an ext nutrients loved one to kcalories. D. Save on computer a mixture of carbohydrate, fat, and protein
Definition C. Provide more nutrients loved one to kcalories.
Term What is the AMDR because that carbohydrate?Select one:A. 30-40% B. 45-65% C. 15-25% D. 5-10%
Definition B. 45-65%
Term Gram for gram, which of the complying with provides the many energy?Select one:A. Alcohol B. Carbohydrates c. Protein D. Fats
Definition D. Fats
Term What term explains a food the resembles and also substitutes for one more food but is nutritionally worse to it?Select one:A. Imitation food B. Food instead of C. Pseudo food D. Faux food
Definition A. Imitation food
Term Food brand express the nutrient content in relation to a collection of conventional values well-known as theSelect one:A. Recommended diet Allowances. B. Everyday Values. C. Referral Dietary Intakes. D. FDA Standards.
Definition B. Day-to-day Values.
Term i m sorry of the complying with is an essential compound?Select one:A. Water B. Salt C. Vitamin C D. Calcium
Definition C. Vitamin C
Term i m sorry of the complying with is a characteristic of structure-function insurance claims on food labels?Select one:A. They should state the surname of the condition or symptoms because that which a benefit is claimed. B. They need to conform to guidelines of the "A" perform of health claims C. They can be made without any kind of FDA approval. D. Lock are permitted only for unprocessed food
Definition C. They can be made without any kind of FDA approval.
Term What is the chief reason people select the foods items they eat?Select one:A. Expense B. Convenience C. Taste D. Nutritional value
Definition C. Taste
Term providing enough, but not an excess, the a food is a diet-planning principle well-known asSelect one or more:A. Undernutrition. B. Variety. C. Safety. D. Moderation.
Definition D. Moderation.
Term The Dietary reference Intakes might be provided toSelect one:A. Treat people with diet-related disorders. B. Evaluate adequacy of all forced nutrients. C. Plan and also evaluate diet for healthy and balanced people. D. Assess adequacy of just vitamins and minerals
Definition C. Plan and also evaluate diets for healthy people
Term prior to publication in a dependable journal, the findings of a research study study should undergo scrutiny by professionals in the field according to a process known as:Select one:A. Treatment examination B. Dual blind check C. Cohort evaluation D. Peer review
Definition D. Peer review
Term i beg your pardon of the adhering to is a function of the exchange list system?Select one:A. Enough intakes that minerals and vitamins space virtually guarantee B. Foodstuffs are grouped according come their source C. A fat portion provides around twice the energy as a carbohydrate portion D. All foodstuffs are group according to their content of carbohydrates, protein, and fats
Definition D. All foods are grouped according come their contents of carbohydrates, protein, and also fats
Term A food brand that advertises the product as a "rich source of fiber" is an instance of aSelect one:A. Nutrient claim. B. Weight reduction claim. C. Lite-food claim. D. Structure-function claim
Definition A. Nutrient claim.
Term which of the adhering to statements defines the association in between a threat factor and the breakthrough of a disease?Select one:A. The existence of a factor such together heredity deserve to be modified to lower the hazard of degenerative conditions B. The absence of a risk element guarentees flexibility from the disease C. The an ext risk determinants for a disease, the greater chance of arising that disease D. All people with the risk element will develop the disease
Definition C. The an ext risk factors for a disease, the greater chance of occurring that disease
Term i beg your pardon of the adhering to is characteristics of crucial nutrient?Select one:A. Cannot be offered to synthesize various other compounds in the body. B. Cannot be found in food C. Can not be do in enough quantities through the body D. Can not be degraded by the body
Definition C. Cannot be made in sufficient quantities through the body
Term i beg your pardon of the following regulates the pH of the stomach? choose one:A. Gastrin B. Secretin C. Cholecystokinin D. Insulin
Definition A. Gastrin
Term What is the first organ come respond to boost in blood glucose concentration?Select one:A. Muscle B. Brain C. Kidneys D. Liver
Definition C. Pancreas
Term What is the reaction that links two monosaccharides together?Select one:A. Disaccharide B. Condensation C. Absorption D. Hydrolysis
Definition B. Condensation
Term To aid the procedure of digestion and also absorption, that is usually ideal toSelect one:A. Taken enzyme pills or flour periodically for this reason the system can rest and also rejuvenate. B. Integrate different food varieties to improve the absorb process. C. Protect against eating meat and fruit in ~ the same meal to prevent competition. D. Eat numerous snacks every day so the mechanism is not overwhelmed
Definition B. Integrate different food varieties to boost the absorption process
Term instantly after absorption, what circulatory mechanism carries tha fat-soluble vitamins and large fats?Select one:A. Lymphatic B. Vascular C. Mesenteric D. Enterohepatic
Definition A. Lymphatic
Term i m sorry of the adhering to is no a basic carbohydrate?Select one:A. Monosaccharide B. Starch C. Disaccharide D. White Sugar
Definition B. Starch
Term What is intended by the ax "motility" in recommendation to the GI tract?Select one:A. The rate of gastric digestive juice relax B. The capacity of the GI tract muscles to relocate C. The effectiveness of lymph carry D. The rate of pancreatic cradle juice release
Definition B. The ability of the GI tract muscles to move
Term What is the main storage kind of carbohydrate in the body?Select one:A. Glycogen B. Glucose C. Fiber D. Starch
Definition A. Glycogen
Term which of the following products of digestion is not generally released straight into the bloodstream?Select one:A. Vitamin C B. Fat C. Minerals D. Carbohydrates
Definition B. Fats
Term all of the complying with dietary measures are recognized to help relieve constipation except:Select one:A. Eat fiber B. Drinking much more water C. Eating less fat D. Eat prunes
Definition C. Eating less fat
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with is a far-reaching property of diet fiber?Select one:A. Promotes water retention of stools B. Inhibits large intestinal contractions C. Inhibits protease task D. Promotes vitamin excretion in stools
Definition A. Disclosure water retention that stools
Term What is the primary sweetener provided in formulating beverages?Select one:A. Glucose B. Sucrose C. Invert street D. High furustos corn syrup
Definition D. High fructose corn syrup
Term what is the an initial organ to receive carbohydrates absorbed from the intestine?Select one:A. Kidneys B. Bones muscle C. Liver D. Heart
Definition C. Liver
Term i beg your pardon of the following would not be acted top top by pancreatic juice secreted right into the intestinal tract?Select one:A. Fat B. Insoluble fiber C. Carbohydrates D. Proteins
Definition B. Insoluble fiber
Term What is the primary role of insulin?Select one:A. Raises blood glucose level B. Stimulates glycogen breakdown C. Lowers blood glucose level D. Stimulates intestinal carbohydrate absorption
Definition C. Lowers blood glucose levels
Term all of the complying with are resources of diet carbohydrates exceptSelect one:A. Legumes. B. Fish. C. Fruits. D. Milk.
Definition B. Fish.
Term every one of the adhering to are properties of a high-fiber diet exceptSelect one:A. It might precipitate mineral deficiency if the body"s mineral intake standing is marginal. B. Over there is a risk of not meeting energy needs. C. It might reduce threat of lung cancer but increase danger of breast cancer D. It originally may cause bouts of cradle discomfort and also diarrhea Incorrect
Definition C. It might reduce risk of lung cancer however increase danger of breast cancer
Term i m sorry of the adhering to is a role of sphincter muscles?Select one:A. Control the passage of food through the GI tract B. Grind big food particles C. Regulate peristalsis D. Secrete cradle juices into the GI track
Definition A. Regulate the passage of food v the GI tract
Term Glycogen is stored greatly in which of the following tissues?Select one:A. Pancreas and kidneys B. Stomach and intestine C. Muscle and also liver D. Brain and red blood cells
Definition C. Muscle and liver
Term all of the complying with are characteristics of the process of cradle exceptSelect one:A. The pyloric sphincter opens around 3 times a minute. B. Salivary glands contribute little to digestion. C. The liver and also pancreas add essential fluids come the digestive process. D. Saliva includes enzymes that digest sugars, fats, and also proteins
Definition D. Saliva contains enzymes the digest sugars, fats, and also proteins
Term i m sorry of the adhering to cannot be uncovered in plants?Select one:A. Necessary fatty mountain B. Cholesterol C. Nonessential fat acids D. Triglycerides
Definition B. Cholesterol
Term i m sorry of the following is a characteristic of hormones?Select one:A. Inactivate bacteria B. Act as buffers in the bloodstream C. Act together a messenger molecules D. Coordinate visual response
Definition C. Act as a messenger molecules
Term i m sorry of the following define a process in protein synthesis?A. The DNA binding to ribosomes and also directs uptake of certain amino mountain to type the peptide chain. B. The role of move RNA is to help in absorb of amino acids right into the cell. C. The password to make a protein is lugged by a strand the messenger RNA D. The final step in perfect the protein is brought out in the mitochondria.
Definition C. The code to do a protein is carried by a strand the messenger RNA
Term follow to the diet Guidelines, what need to be the maximum full fat intake as a portion of power intake?Select one:A. 50 B. 10 C. 20 D. 35
Definition D. 35
Term i beg your pardon of the adhering to is a function of phospholipids?Select one:A. Highly susceptible to oxidation B. Resistant to digestion C. Discovered naturally just in pet foods D. Dissolve in both water and fat
Definition D. Soluble in both water and also fat
Term i m sorry of the following describes a fatty mountain that has one double bond?Select one:A. Polyunsaturated B. Monounsaturated C. Saturation D. Hydrogenated
Definition B. Monounsaturated
Term In comparison come a low-density lipoprotein, a high-density lipoprotein containsSelect one:A. Much more cholesterol. B. Less protein. C. Much less lipid. D. More carbohydrate
Definition C. Much less lipid.
Term Bile is recognized to aid in the absorption ofSelect one:A. Carbohydrate and fat only. B. All nutrients. C. Carbohydrate, fat, and protein only. D. Fat only.
Definition D. Fat only.
Term her roommate, Jill, has actually just come back from the medical professional where she was subjected to a blood lipid file analysis. The doctor urged her to make dietary changes since the cholesterol results placed her at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. I beg your pardon of the adhering to results is constant with the diagnosis?A. Short DLD and also high DHD B. Low LDL and high HDL C. Short LDH and also low HDL D. Low HDL and also high LDL
Definition D. Low HDL and high LDL
Term which of the complying with is a good source that omega-3 fatty acids?Select one:A. Sesame B. Corn C. Coconut D. Canola
Definition D. Canola
Term an important function of fat in the human body is toSelect one:A. Manage blood glucose levels. B. Administer precursors because that glucose synthesis. C. Protect an essential organs versus shock. D. Develop muscle glucose levels.
Definition C. Protect critical organs versus shock.
Term What is the chief duty of pepsin?A. Cleaves proteins into smaller polypeptides B. Activates pancreatic proteases. C. Activates hydrochloric acid. D. Emulsifies dietary proteins
Definition A. Cleaves proteins right into smaller polypeptides
Term ~ a meal, most of the fat that ultimately empties right into the blood is in the kind of particles recognized asSelect one:A. Low-density lipoproteins. B. Very-low-density lipoproteins. C. Chylomicrons. D. Micelles.
Definition C. Chylomicrons.

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Term all of the following assumptions are make by the committee in setting the RDA because that protein exceptA. Various other nutrients in the diet will certainly be adequate. B. The fat content of the diet will certainly be high. C. Sufficient kcalories will be consumed. D. Protein eaten will be of mixed quality
Definition B. The fat content of the diet will be high.
Term i beg your pardon of the following is not a characteristics of marasmus?Select one:A. Affects mind development only minimally B. Occurs most typically in kids aged 6 to 18 months C. Results in a short resistance to diseaseD. Outcomes in little or no fat under the skin come insulate versus cold
Definition A. Affects mind development just minimally
Term as soon as nitrogen taken right into the body exceeds nitrogen losses, us say the person is inSelect one:A. Nitrogen equilibrium. B. A healthy and balanced state. C. An unfavorable nitrogen balance. D. Optimistic nitrogen balance
Definition D. Optimistic nitrogen balance
Term In which form are many dietary lipids found?Select one:A. Sterols B. Monoglycerides C. Triglycerides D. Glycerols
Definition C. Triglycerides
Term i m sorry of the complying with is a attribute of whey protein? select one:A. That is chemically extracted from gelatin B. Regular intake by athletes improves performance C. It is a high-priced protein complement D. The is a garbage product that cheese production
Definition D. The is a waste product that cheese production
Term In the examine of protein nutrition, what term explains the lot of amino acids soaked up as a percentage of the amount of protein consumed?Select one:A. Completeness B. Digestibility C. Complementary table of contents D. To compare Equivalence
Definition B. Digestibility
Term What facet is uncovered in proteins however not in carbohydrates and fats?Select one:A. Nitrogen B. Oxygen C. Carbon D. Calcium
Definition A. Nitrogen