Here are the different kinds that flowers through names that begin with the letter N. With an emphasis on common and easy to flourish varieties.

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Contents1 Narcissus2 Nasturtiums3 Nemesia4 Nemophila5 Nepeta6 Nerine7 Nettle-leaved Bellflower8 new Guinea Impatiens9 brand-new York Ironweed10 Nicotiana11 Nierembergia12 Nigella13 Nodding Wakerobin14 Nolana15 Nymphea16 Nerium


Several white flower bloom in ~ the peak of every stem that the narcissus (paperwhites) and are strong scented.


Tropaeolum, typically known as nasturtium or nasturtian have flowers and also leaves that are edible and have a peppery taste, similar to the of watercress.



Nemesia is a versatile plant that can be supplied as a floor cover, borders, or edges in the garden. Pictured listed below is a variety with pink flowers but other colors are possible.



Nemophila likewise goes by the surname ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ as result of the little blue flowers the they produce.


Nepeta (catmint) is long-lasting, easy-to-grow, deer and rabbit resistant, and cats uncover the scent of the little purple flowers attractive.



These tree are connected with rocky and arid terrain. They produce globular umbels the lily-like flowers in shades indigenous white v pink come crimson. 

New Guinea Impatiens

Hybrids, commonly derived native “Busy Lizzie” (the famous I. Walleriana) and also te brand-new Guinea Impatiens (I. Hawkeri), have commercial prominence as garden plants.

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Nierembergia, usual name cupflower is called after the Spanish Jesuit and mystic Juan Eusebio Nieremberg.

Nodding Wakerobin

Trillium flexipes, the nodding wakerobin, bent trillium, or drooping trillium, is a spring-flowering perennial the is most common in the midwestern joined States.