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Are friend looking out for flower surname that start with “G?” Well, there space pretty countless of them out there, and also they are frequently beautiful to plant in your garden or use for beautification purposes.

These flower are aboriginal to different regions and continents; however, they can be cultivated in many areas globally.

Here is a substantial list the the flowers that begin with G. Interestingly, the letter “G” starts the name of few of the many fascinating flowers you will ever see.

Let’s obtain started!

List Of flowers That start With G

1. Gaillardia


Gardenia is a genus of over 100 species of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, named after a Scottish-born American naturalist, Dr. Alexander Garden.

It is uncovered in the tropical and also subtropical regions of Africa, Madagascar, Asia, and the Pacific Islands., and also Australia.

The varieties produce very fragrant, waxy, white, or cream flowers, v glossy eco-friendly leaves.

4. Geranium


Pelargonium (Scientific name: Pelargonium) is a genus of flowering plants, having around 280 types in the family members Geraniaceae.

Common names for this plant’s types are geraniums, pelargoniums, and also storksbills. The species include perennials, succulents, and shrubs.

Also, the name “Geranium” serves together the botanical/common surname of a separate genus of related plants, well-known as cranesbills.

5. Gaura


Most species of this plant are called “Beeblossoms.” However, the tree itself, Gaura (Gaura lindheimeri), is a genus that flowering tree in the family members Onagraceae.

It comprises drought-tolerant perennials the bloom because that a lengthy time, native to phibìc America – but still checked out in random regions throughout the globe.

6. Gazania


Named ~ a 15th-century Greek-Italian scholar, Theodorus that Gaza, Gazania (a.k.a. Afri daisies) is a genus of warm-weather perennial plants, endemic to southern Africa. This genus’ varieties are frequently planted as annuals.

The species produce vibrant daisy-like flowers, uniquely patterned – lock are considered annuals in the cooler climates, and short-lived perennials in warmer climates.

7. Gentiana


Gentiana is a genus that flowering tree in the household Gentianaceae. It has over 400 species, do it one of the biggest genus in the family.

The varieties are seen in countless regions globally, and also they are exceptional for creating mostly large, trumpet-shaped flowers, which mostly appear in blue. The plants thrive up to 15cm in height.

8. Gerbera


Gerbera L., simply dubbed Gerbera, is a flowering tree in the household Asteraceae, called after a German botanist and medical doctor, Traugott Gerber.

This genus varieties are indigenous to tropical areas of Africa, south America, and also Asia. Gerberas produce flowers of various colors, including White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red, and also other bright colors. Cream, Burgundy, and Purple.

9. Gladiolus


Gladiolus, simply dubbed “Glads” is a genus that perennial cormous tree in the iris family, Iridaceae. This genus is additionally called the “sword lily” by many people.

It is generally found in south Africa, Asia, tropical Africa, and also Mediterranean Europe. The types grow up to 5ft tall and produce flowers of different colors.

10. Geum


Geum is the scientific name, this genus that flowering tree is referred to as “Avens.” the belongs come the increased family, Rosaceae, and also has about 50 species widespread across Asia, Europe, North and South America, brand-new Zealand, and Africa.

This genus’ plants bloom in spring and also summer, creating colorful solitary or twin flowers.

11. Goldenrod


Goldenrod (scientific name: Solidago) is a genus of end 100 types of flowering tree in the Aster family, Asteraceae. Its types mostly offer as timeless herbal supplements.

Other names for this genus incorporate Solidago canadensis or Solidago virgaurea. Girlfriend will discover these perennial varieties in open areas like meadows, savannas, and also prairies.

12. Gloriosa


The genus, Gloriosa, has around 12 species of flowering plants in the household Colchicaceae.

It is endemic come tropical Africa and Asia, and also its species are classified under perennials; despite they are commonly treated together half-hardy annuals.

Gloriosa types produce attractive flowers the bloom native late spring to fall. They are widely cultivated.

13. Gomphrena


Gomphrena is a genus of tree – v over 100 varieties – in the household Amaranthaceae. This genus’ plants space widely referred to as globe amaranths.

You will certainly the species across several warm temperate, subtropical regions of the world. The species include perennials and also low-growing annuals, often used for medicinal purposes.

14. Grape Hyacinth


Grape Hyacinth (scientific name: Muscari) is a genus of perennial bulbous tree in the family Asparagaceae. The types grow as much as 12-inch tall, and they bloom in April or May.

This genus, Grape Hyacinth, is native to Eurasia, and the varieties produce spikes that dense, bluish, urn-shaped flowers the look prefer bunches that grapes.

15. Grevillea


Grevillea is a varied genus of 350 types of evergreen tree in the Proteaceae family. The is endemic to Australia and also valued because of the exotically shaped, vibrant shade flowers produced by the plants’ species.

The species flowerheads open at differing times and also comprise many little flowers of different colors.

This genus is additionally seen in rainforest zones and also open habitats in brand-new Caledonia, brand-new Guinea, Sulawesi, and other Indonesian islands.

16. Gypsophila


Gypsophila is a genus the 100 species of flowering plants in the household Caryophyllaceae, indigenous to Africa, Eurasia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

However, among the species, Gypsophila taxa, has a high diversity of around 35 endemic species, in Turkey. The types produce bulk tiny flowers, generally white or pink, on tall stems, through lance-shaped leaves.

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There are much more flowers that begin with G that us couldn’t encompass here in ~ the moment, this 16 room just component of them. But we will proceed to upgrade the list together time walk on.

That said, i m sorry of these flower that begin with the letter G is your favorite? Is there any other one you love that we didn’t mention here? Please, let united state know.

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