So I simply started thing 12, and also have 2 understand seals, but have no idea when/who to usage them on. I require some advice. Also try not to spoil the game, I'm doing my very first playthrough.

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Use lock on Rhys and Mist in ~ level 10. Every unit will promote upon reaching level 21, so grasp seals space only valuable for promoting human being early (you gain three in the whole game). Ideal uses that it are on your 2 healers so that they have the right to fight.

But promoting civilization early is valuable in and also of itself. An ext time to job-related on weapon ranks because that somebody prefer Astrid or set up a faster and also harder snowball because that somebody choose Marcia.

If friend don't desire to early-promote anyone, you can additionally use it on a level 20 unit. Lock promote in ~ 21, for this reason you can have the really minimal obtain of conserving 100 exp!

Definitely use one ~ above Mist. Cure + Retreat is as well damn powerful. Emphasis on her.

I'd probably sell the rather though. As well as Mist (And Rhys if you desire to usage him) The understand seals room redundant in the American Version through it's absurd BEXP.

In insane mode, they're an ext valuable. Yet still only for healers (or potential healers prefer mages)

The only human I would ever suggest utilizing them top top is mist particularly if this is your first time ever before playing. Personally from that it really doesn't matter. I generally use the various other as a method to conserve someone (quite regularly oscar or Soren) the require to gain exp previous 20 and promote.

Mist, possibly Rhys. I never ever really have actually felt the need for anyone various other than healers, and also even then I'd choose to obtain them to 20 just for the sake of my OCD. However Mist is objectively far better with she promotion due to the fact that she gets a mount, and she's difficult to train without BEXP since she's stafflocked until then. Also after promo she's not great as a combat unit, but having that activity increase and Canto is excellent. Rhys arguably doesn't get that much benefit from promoting, since he just gets access to the fairly useless irradiate magic.

Your units have the right to promote by either using grasp Seals ~ level 10, or reaching level 21 and also promoting the way. Usage the master seals on units who really want the gains immediately, such as Rhys or Mist if you haven't funneled BEXP into them. Otherwise, you might also just offer them, as they aren't compelled for promoting.

Bump Marcia's level up together high together you can, give her the seal, and also you're basically done with the game.

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