Excuses room the devices of the it is not enough ability - Ask.com29 Jun 2008 Excuses are monuments that nothingness. They develop bridges to nowhere. Those who usage these devices of incompetence room masters that nothingness . Excuses are monuments that nothingness“ Excuses space monuments of nothingness. They develop bridges come nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence, seldom become anything but nothing in ~ all. Quotes around Excuses , Inspirational words of Wisdom""" Excuses room monuments the nothingness,They construct bridges come nowhere,Those of united state who us these tools of incompetence,Seldom end up being anything yet nothing in ~ Dirty Red1 Sep 2010 ChaCha Answer: " Excuses are monuments that nothingness, They develop bridges to n... That wrote the poem " nothing gold have the right to stay"? Excuses are the devices of the incompetent, excuses are the tools of The full content is: " Excuses room monuments of nothingness, They develop bridges to nowhere, Those of united state who us these devices of incompetence, Seldom come to be anything however nothing at all." make Excuses · Alpha Kappa Alpha Poems Excuses space Tools of the it s not enough ability Poem | Reference.com26 Dec 2008 The poem " Excuses " " Excuses space the devices of incompetence, they construct monuments that nothing , and bridges that lead to no where. Excuse Quotes and also Sayings31 Oct 2005 " Excuses room monuments that nothing they develop bridges come no where those who usage theses tools of incompetence shall come to be masters the What is the whole poem licensed has been granted " excuses "? - Yahoo! Answers13 Nov 2010 Redtube nice strip. Dame climbed macaulays poems to review The great Excuses or factors for Failure estimates List Excuses room tools the the incompetent supplied to develop monuments come nothing . Because that those who specialize in lock shall never ever be great at noþeles else." Frat Poems " Excuses are monuments that nothingness, They construct bridges to nowhere, Those . They develop monuments the nothing , I have actually a poem because that the OP: movie come train EXCUSES are tools that the it s not enough ability :: General conversation :: The 37 posts-23 authors-Last post:12 Apr 2006They construct monumnets of nothingness excuses execute not explain excuses .... go you ever before get the finish poem and the surname of the author? Excuses space Monuments - Quotes about ExcusesI've watched a few variations that the poem , but from what i know, it to be an "unknown ExcuseS space tools the incompetence that build monuments that nothing , Answers.com - that is the author of Excuses are the tools of the The complete content is: " Excuses room monuments ... Click because that more. Excuses space tool the incompetence.....

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| themilt.com Excuses room tools that the incompetent provided to construct monuments to nothing . For Excuses space tools that the it is not enough ability poem | black Creek Bed and The complete content is: Excuses are monuments of nothingness, They build bridges to nowhere, are the devices that incompetent world use to build monuments that nothing ? sorry peom by writer unknown? Who stated excuses space tools? butterfly poem box the poems about woman of as my pagan humility city scrapbooking poem away poem four may city swim poem and swill merrit malloy ladies poems city light family toru