Blind item Revealed: Breezy to be Bustin’ down Both These reality TV Bangers… at The very same Damn Time!!!

Remember this blind item indigenous a couple of weeks back?:

This PYT gained a lil fame many thanks to fact TV but while she’s optimistic her “multi” talents will take she far, she tri-sexuality has currently brought she to an excellent heights.

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She’s been bragging to friends about her love affair with an additional banger famous for reflecting her cakes. And also from what we’ve heard, things were so hot and also heavy between the girlfriends, she also agreed to gain busy with her girl’s much more famous boyfriend, a large star in the music biz.

Alas the rowdy romps concerned a stop and the three method love affair ended after our scrap-happy banger ended up being a little bit too obsessed and also got booted from her box-lickin’ chicken bedroom.

Model/Singer Erica Mena (“Love & Hip-Hop: new York”) has been bragging about her vault girl lovin’ connection with Draya Michele, sources close come the design told exclusively. The girlfriend tells united state that Mena was as soon as head over heels because that the philadelph jawn, and shared that as soon as Draya began dating kris the 3 would “Minaj” ~ above occasion. Draya ultimately dumped Erica, and our resource says the separation was so ugly that Mena is currently shook to be in the same location as her notorious ex.

Awwww poor thang!

Of course none that this should come together a surprise due to the fact that Draya is currently openly flaunting she bi-ways with her line of good A*s girls beanies, which come v the practically acronym F.A.G.

If you’re wondering what Draya would say around all this, we have actually a good idea:

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