What is Elf on the Shelf all about?

So, you’re thinking about putting your big toe right into the Elf on the Shelf waters… not sure just how to gain started or if friend really want to include this to her Christmas traditions?

I hear you. If i went ago in time, would certainly I execute the Elf again? Maybe, perhaps not! ns think i would have been happy to read this short article before I obtained started. If you’re interested, climate follow these tips because that a successful start with her Elf ~ above the Shelf:


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Elf on The Shelf

1. Pick Your ELF (photo above)

Girl Elf on the Shelf

The first thing you should do is pick your Elf. Walk you know that elves this day come with different eye color and skin color? you can additionally purchase the Girl Elf set, click here. That’s a large switch from once I purchased our family’s Elf several years ago. If you have actually a boy elf, however want to make it a Girl Elf … simply buy it a skirt.

When to start Elf ~ above the Shelf?

Our children were 7 and also 9 once we started with the Elf. Feather back, I’m glad we waited until they asked for one. My child started hearing about the elves at school. Be forewarned: in elementary School, the children can gain a tiny competitive and also tell part pretty outlandish story to their friends. Ns think this adds come the Pinterest push to have actually a fun elf.

It would certainly be straightforward to jump right into the Elf antics also early and then get burned out! that said, start simple by just moving it every night.

Original Elf top top the Shelf

Little Christmas elves have been renowned decorations and also ornaments because that years. Our family also has an antique Elf. Mine husband’s grandmother would hide it roughly their home and also in their Christmas tree. Moving it everyday. Sound familiar? rapid forward come the 2008 ideal Toy Award: Elf ~ above the Shelf.

Elf on the Shelf Names

The Elf on the Shelf book explains the the elves gain their magic when they space named. When the Elf receives it’s name, it provides them the magic come fly back and forth to the phibìc Pole.

Our Elf is called Franklin due to the fact that we’d just visited the Franklin institute in Philadelphia, PA. Large name because that a tiny guy, however it works.


2. The Elf top top the Shelf Story (photo above)

What does Elf top top the Shelf do?

The The Elf ~ above the Shelf story describes how the elves hide in dwellings to watch over events (naughty and also nice). Once the youngsters go to bed, they fly earlier and report come Santa every night. Prior to the family wakes up each morning, the Elf flies earlier from the phibìc Pole and also hides in a new spot. It’s practically if the family members is playing a video game of non-stop hide-and-seek v their Elf.

If this is a story the you want to embrace, to buy the book. If not, just enjoy Elf antics in your home without the “reporting” to Santa. We simply enjoy the publication as a fun story and also it aided us talk about as a family members what our Elf would be prefer for our family.

Elf top top the Shelf Rules

We decided early on the the parents were the only ones who can touch the Elf. The publication tells just how the magic might disappear if the Elf is touched.

The Elf top top the Shelf states, “There’s only one dominion that you need to follow, for this reason I will come earlier and be below tomorrow: Please execute not touch me. Mine magic might go, and also Santa won’t hear all I’ve seen or ns know.”

In our experience, Elves loss out of Christmas trees, get recorded by dogs, and fall turn off of crazy parental made contraptions. Numerous families devise special methods to offer the Elf it’s magic back. If you’re just starting out, keep it simple and stick with the hide-an-seek choice (in mine opinion).

When walk Elf ~ above the Shelf begin?

One the our an initial years i started right after Thanksgiving and got melted out by December 10th! i just.didn’t.think.I.could.do.it! You, all parents, obtain the picture. Now I start the Elf on the Shelf antics native December 1st until Christmas Eve.

Wanting your very own Elf top top the Shelf plan? we have developed 25 days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas, simply for you.

When does Elf on the Shelf leave?

The story ends on Christmas Day through the Elf leaving to continue to be with Santa for the rest of the year till the adhering to Christmas season. Part families allow their children to hug it and also whisper their Christmas wishes to it prior to he leaves. We’ve found that we need some closure from every one of the fun. We have actually let ours Elf continue to be on previous Christmas since it was also sad to have actually everything end all at once.


3. Elf top top the Shelf Clothes and Accessories

Want to spice up her Elf or include a little pizzazz to her Elf experience? You can purchase Elf pets, Elf garments (dresses, tuxedos, scarves), and also even one apron set. They’re constantly coming out with much more accessories.

DIY Elf Accessories

We’ve made our own Elf Donuts (Cheerios v icing), cups from a thimble, Superman cape native felt, snowballs from marshmallows, and also even an Elf Snuggie (remember those?). Carry out you must purchase extra things? no necessarily, however it can include to the fun!

Good habits or simply for Fun?

We chose to just use our Elf as a fun means to count down the days to Christmas. Part families select to have actually it “watch” their children and not relocate if the youngsters are naughty. In our family, we’ve favored to phone call our youngsters that the Elf, choose Santa, is simply a fun video game we play at Christmas. The Elf ~ above the Shelf stories promote the the Elf goes earlier and reports to Santa every night. We felt that this story heat would carry undo tension to our children. Having actually it it is in “just because that fun” make it much easier on us.

Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

How creative perform you desire to be? the really counts on you. We started out nice creatively, speak that currently I would indicate if you’re just beginning this family tradition, begin simple!

Maybe just move him everyday and also then once a week execute something spectacular. It’s as much as you. My husband flourished up v a tiny Elf that just moved around and he had actually fond memory of it. Life is currently busy enough and Christmas deserve to be overstimulating and also stressful as it is, so choose wisely native the beginning.

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This article was first published 2015. To update 2018.

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