Some an excellent places come visit and live in Mexico are located at higher elevation than most human being are accustomed to; this article shares practical advice


Many really an excellent places come visit and live in Mexico are located at high elevation—the elevation of the floor in relation to sea level. This write-up shares some useful advice around how to prepare and also acclimatize to life at greater elevations.

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Mexico’s mountainous terrains

Elevations the 5,000 come 7,000 feet above sea level are not inexplicable for urban in Mexico’s colonial heartland and also those in the southern states of Oaxaca and also Chiapas. Mexico City and Guadalajara are also cities positioned at elevation.

If you plan to experience the monarch Butterflies you’ll additionally need to adjust to the higher elevations in the forested hills where these butterflies gather to overwinter in Mexico; and if you’re visiting higher elevation locations in Mexico’s Copper Canyon you’ll likewise need to take time come adjust.

Adjusting to gift at greater elevations

Many world who arrive in Mexico tend to come from places situated lot closer come sea-level —perhaps a few hundred feet over sea-level in ~ most— and also so a visit to among Mexico’s inland communities or cities may leave girlfriend breathless in much more ways 보다 one, until your human body becomes acclimatized to thinner air.

Mexico City, because that example, is not only 7,200 feet above sea level (that’s around a mile and-a-half increase in the sky), it’s positioned in a valley surrounded by mountains and flanked by two volcanoes. The mix of altitude, heat, and smog can come to be quite uncomfortable in ~ times, and also may leaving you feeling tired after what may have seemed a common day’s task back home.

Mexico’s provinces execute not endure the smog that metropolises choose Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo have pertained to inherit, however the altitude and the heat during summer month may reason you to feel much more tired 보다 usual if you space not already accustomed to higher elevation whereby you live.

Common symptoms felt by human being adjusting to greater elevation include:

HeadachesFatigue or lethargyDizziness or nauseaLoss the appetiteSleeplessnessShortness that breath

Advantages of life at elevation in Mexico

Elevation does lug with it some distinct advantages, too.

Being high up keeps the climate at much more temperate levels, particularly in comparison to the sultry, sweltering heat at the coastlines in the high summer months. Throughout the fall and also winter months, the mornings and evenings can be rather cool —even chilly in part places— which creates a welcome contrast to the warmer days and hotter summers.

Tips to help you acclimatize at high elevation

Getting acclimatized to key takes part time, and your body will usually readjust surprisingly conveniently to the change of altitude given the right amount the rest and also hydration. Right here are some helpful tips:

Take it easy at first

Don’t plan too much task for her first couple of days. Offer your human body time come acclimatize come the change in altitude and also lower oxygen levels. Take a brief nap in the afternoon if you like, or at the very least rest a while.

Drink plenty of new water

Two liters a job is recommended; store drinking small and frequently all day. Continuing to be thoroughly sign language is really vital at high elevations; even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Stay protected from too lot sun

Wear a sun-hat and use protective sunlight lotion, even in the fall and also winter months as soon as the temperatures space lower. Save your skin defended from overabundance sun also on overcast days together UV rays deserve to penetrate cloud cover.

Moderate her alcohol intake

Wine, beer, and also liquor will certainly go to your head faster and the results will last longer when you room drinking alcohol in areas with high elevation; alcohol also dehydrates you, therefore you may want to take into consideration scaling-back your normal intake rates and also supplementing her alcohol entry with additional fresh water.

Keeping well and staying healthy and balanced in Mexico

Within a few days, most civilization find that their body has acclimatized to greater elevation and the side-effects diminish. That is, however, important to proceed to save yourself well hydrated and watch your alcohol intake also after you have actually acclimatized.

For an ext practical information about keeping well and staying healthy in Mexico, read our Mexico take trip Health guide – it’s packed complete with tips and local knowledge.

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7000 feet and really arid.Fortunately, i rented a guesthouse native a MD, that told me come drink several water (with electrolytes) and also use Chlorophyl (liquids or tablets) and also that that takes 6 weeks prior to your human body has construct extra red blood cell to deliver oxygen. Chlorophyl assists in that process.Living in MX currently in the such as mountain region, it help me a many to understand this and also pass the on to others.Nowadays, there room other herbal remedies too for ppl v altitude sickness.During a special trip to Bolivia a local medicine man have actually us repeatedly drink tea indigenous coca leaves. Worked very well.