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After steering the vehicle for about 50 minutes this morning the and so on light came on and kept flashing. Traction over and also book said get to dealer. Go anyone know what could be wrong and how lot it"ll expense to repair as the car is just 6 days end the guarantee period. Also a pair of days earlier noticed a pink fluid on the drive. Any aid would be most appreciated:kap:

First we need to diagnose the CEL (Check Engine Light) password to determine just what is wrong. In our knowledge Base is an instruction on how to screen the problem code. Walk here: a item of file and pencil comfortable to create down the codes. Then, short article them up here. We will have the ability to decipher them and suggest a fix or course of action.With regards come the pink fluid, that sounds like transmission fluid. The leak is brought about by a faulty O-Ring at the TCM plug in. There is a Technical company Bulletin the end on this. Talk v your dealer on that repair.I expect this is helpful. Short article up the code(s) friend get and also we"ll take it it from there.


Thank you for that. We are still wait for the dealer to speak to us back as to what to do next, for this reason we had to come home on the train tonight, i m sorry didn"t help. Will obtain hime to execute the check and write down the codes and also let you know what they are.The auto was control fine, the did think it was a little bit sluggish this morning once he an initial started it, as if it didn"t prefer the cold. Need to admit he"s had a grin favor a cheshire cat since he obtained the car, together he"s wanted among these for ages, yet i retained saying they were as well expensive.


Hey marietown, follow what MADDOG said and if the is a faulty O ring at the plug in and also you feel prefer fixing the yourself, there is a compose up for it. It"s not too bad. Dealership would certainly charge girlfriend a an excellent chunck.
Morning, sorry i hand"t confirm my spelling correctly "hime" is the hubby. He did the on/ACC this morning yet it came up through no password just------ he likewise did the fuse 11 yet that"s make the engine monitoring light come on. The dealer finally called us critical night on our way home, and said he"ll watch what he deserve to do together the automobile is stil within the guarantee he gave us as soon as we purchase the car. Hope he"ll get it sorted and also repaired relatively quickly together it prices us £80 a work in fares to commute right into london because that work, so at the minute he is having to drive my tiny Micra which he hates, right into work, and even i must admit, i do miss out on the smooth ride in, and also the truth that my automobile takes around 20 minutes longer to perform the very same journey.
hmmm...well, there obviously is a problem yet I suspect the very first issue is only a sensor. No codes??? That"s unusual with the and so on light on. The transmission liquid leak is basic repair. Because you have actually warranty, you must be taken care of quickly and completely.Let united state know exactly how that goes!
You"d think the wouldn"t you, but so far, the dealer hasn"t contacted us to arrange for the repair, every we get is he"s out or top top the phone and also he doesn"t return our calls. If the doesn"t through the finish of today, ns am simply going to speak to him and tell him one of two people he sorts it, or we will and send the the bill.
Finally gained hold that the dealer and he states he can"t find a Chrysler dealer near us that will do the work, so he"s told us to acquire it fixed and send the the bill, just hope the doesn"t take too long to deal with as john"s practically 6ft and looks all squashed in my little Micra
Well, good of the to stand behind what the sold but how room you walk to discover someone that will occupational on it? No Chrysler dealers close to you?I"m certain John simply loves acquiring squished in the Micra...LOL
Luckily the garage the looked after ours old auto (rover 75) said they"d have actually a look in ~ it top top monday, i have actually printed out the details on how to adjust the O Ring, however he said he didn"t require it. I"m simply hoping the it is that, as i"m not too sure how great their knowledge is off the 300c. Unfortunately us live in St Neots, tiny village close to Cambridge and also work in London, for some reason the Chrysler dealer close to didn"t desire to touch the car as it"s 6 days out of the manufacturers warranty. Will let girlfriend know how we gain on tomorrow
Have simply been told that there is a leak, they hope to resolve it today/tomorrow depending on when lock can acquire the part. I know John is thinking yippee. Thanks for her help
Have simply been told the they"ve changed the O-Ring and topped increase the fluid, but it hasn"t sorted the problem, the mechanic claims the automobile is still in limp mode and is comes up with three error messages on his diagnostics. Will acquire those and let you know what they are. At the minute i am obtaining really fed up with it. Been turn off the roadway for a week for this reason far and we don"t seem any kind of nearer to obtaining it fixed.
These space the codes the mechanic has come increase against, any clues what might be wrong v it know.Codes comes up are for Pedal soloniod valve it is provided voltage faulty code PO657 Transmission oil temp sensor electrical fault in curcuit PO710 Turbine imput it is provided solinoid incorrect P0717
Try pulling fuse 11 (auto shutoff/PCM) for a minute, climate reinstall and start the vehicle. They may clear just fine now that the leak has been mechanically repaired.
Have called mechanic to traction fuse 11, the tried the this morning and it still hasn"t solved it. He claimed the auto goes however only in limp mode.

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