We drove out of ras Vegas and also stopped at the “Welcome come Vegas” sign. We didn’t gain a picture on the method in due to the fact that we entered from the various other end. Kenin parked the car, snapped part pictures and then we were off. Driving out of ras Vegas, we quit at the Hoover Dam. It seemed much smaller than my imagination made it to be. Ns was a bit underwhelmed through it. Ns was exceptionally excited, however, through the large horned ram that were just wandering roughly the perimeter that the dam. They were pretty cute. Us drove across the dam just to find out friend can’t continue earlier to the highway, and also had to execute a u-turn. We then doubled ago and crossed a neat leg to acquire to the various other side. I have to admit, if I had actually paid because that a tourism to see the Hoover Dam, i would have been disappointed.

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Roughin’ it

Once ago on the road and also in the center of nowhere, Kenin and also I were acquiring a little hungry for lunch. We had a load of hotdogs and a load of new salmon in our cooler. Oh what to do, what to do? A couple of days earlier I discovered these disposable mini grills ~ above sale and also we to buy a couple of of them. We were in the center of the desert v no one approximately for miles and also nowhere to prevent for food. We pulled end onto the next of a dirt road and also fired up one of our mini grills. Ken asked me exactly how I intended come prepare the hotdogs and salmon. Well, I had actually some mustard packets and hot sauce packets so i whipped together this fast recipe and also it was delicious. We put the hotdogs on the grill to cook off while us devoured the salmon because that lunch.About 5 minutes into my meal I watch Zoe to run by and attempting to hide under a 3 foot shrub. Climate she zooms over to the car and gets in behind us trying to hide. I gain frantic and also start looking her over. Apparently she tried to snag a hotdog and the wind go out in she direction and charred several of her whiskers. She was fine, thank goodness, however a couple of of her whiskers on one next were now curled and also I am certain her pride was hurt quite badly.We finished our gourmet roadside barbecue, doused the fire (and Zoe’s snout) with water and also packed everything up. We stashed the hotdogs in the cooler for dinner later on on.

Once we acquired our caffeine and also sugar resolve we to be rip-roaring and also ready to tackle the day’s staying miles come El Paso. Us drove with some remarkable desert scenery. That was choose nothing ns have ever before seen before. There were boulders out there as large as houses and deep canyons every around. We passed miles and miles the deserted roads. I am no ashamed come admit, ns took a nap in ~ this point. Vegas captured up through me and the caffeine just plumb wore off. :) as soon as I awoke, we were nearing the brand-new Mexico border and also the sun was setting. I have actually no idea what southerly Arizona watch like. For every I know we teleported come the border.

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We journey through brand-new Mexico in ~ night, so all I deserve to say is it’s really dark, and also you deserve to see a lot of stars :-) us headed along and drove right into Texas not lengthy after. The lights in Texas were breath-taking. It took Kenin and also I a moment to realize we were looking at the American/Mexican border. From the highway, you deserve to see the city of Juarez. We reached El Paso very late, unpacked the dogs and enough luggage to acquire us v the night and also promptly retired because that the evening.

Drive in addition to us v the gallery below. You re welcome feel cost-free to comment. :-)

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