Our expedition to Florida to be a lot wanted and also longtime desired vocation. We packed light (you won’t need much clothing in July!), covered up through sunscreen, and headed come the Alligator Land.

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Shortly after ~ stepping the end from the airport the heat wave welcomed united state in fort Lauderdale. July is most absolutely not the best time come visit, however it didn’t lower our excitement.

The very first day the our pilgrimage we drive from ft Lauderdale to Miami, it was only an hour drive. Very first thing to mention is the toll roads, there is no escape from it. Depending upon the expression of your trip you can want come buy the sun Pass to save some money. Us were not mindful of it, so I obtained billed later. So make certain you always do a tiny research prior to your travels to not encounter little difficult situations choose this.


Miami surprised us through the complete lack of parking. It defines why most of the locals journey scooters or bicycles. We remained in the Miami beach area; which is close come the touristic part of the city. I’d speak the main attraction there to be Lincoln Lane, a lengthy street with plenty of numbers the restaurants, shops and bars. However it was a little pricy and also a tourist oriented area. The next day us explored the Downtown area, beaches, waterfront, and Gator Park. The best component of the city is the long strip of gorgeous white sandy beaches. Other than that, ns felt the the popularity of Miami is overrated. Us left under the impression the the city attracts every kinds the party goers, extreme amount of well-off young people, and also plenty of high value cars. If you space not right into this kind of group you won’t be impressed just like we were. Also, get your Spanish language up if you desire to interact freely. You will certainly hardly hear any kind of English spoken (from ours experience).

Now us were ~ above our way to the Keys! The whole drive is only around 4 hours, depending upon traffic, it might take longer. We didn’t hit any traffic; but we walk make frequent stops because that sightseeing. Our first stop was the Gator farm yard in key Largo. It to be worth the stop as we had never checked out a farm of Alligators before (this isn’t an inhumane farm yard that kills them because that leather, just a traveler attraction). That was certainly one that Florida’s most unique attractions. Alligators all sizes, colors and ages space there sun bathing only few feet away from her face. Also they will let girlfriend hold and pet a baby Alligator!


The next big stop to be Islamorada key – the fishing capital of the World, all kinds that fishing sports, tours, and also attractions. We didn’t get involved in any activities except feeding the fish. Almost everywhere Islamorada friend can uncover “fish feeding” train station where, for couple of dollars, you have the right to buy a small bag that fish and feed the huge fish; which room typically about 3-5 feet long. Also the sea food below is phenomenal! I normally don’t point out the food in my blogs, simply since I nothing care about it enough, however not this one! If you like fish platters and also sea food, you won’t be disappointed.

Marathon an essential is widely well-known for the tortoise Hospital. This nonprofit company is there for rehabilitating sea turtles, educating the public, and realizing awareness of the risks turtles are challenged with native people. Good place to visit if your heart goes to the environmental and its countless problems. Friend will be able to see every kinds the sick and also healthy turtles, and also learn around these species. Read more here http://www.turtlehospital.org/ .


Right after ~ the Marathon and passing the seven Mile bridge you will certainly be start the lower Keys.

One that the most popular parks in the area is Bahia Honda State Park. That is a beautiful area v plenty of room for camping, RVs, and also picnics. Magnificent views the turquoise shallow waters will certainly make you speak “wow”. We invested a few hours enjoying the heat “Caribbean like” ocean.

Your drive on abroad Highway (the one and only road connecting the key land v the islands) absolutely will no be monotone or boring. There space plenty that roadside restaurants, new juice stands and also coffee shops along the side as well as a good number of easily accessible beaches and parks.

Key West, the most southern suggest of U.S.A., situated only 100 miles away from Cuba. That is a tiny but an extremely popular island. In comparison with the various other Keys, it holds the most history and tourist attractions. One of the civilization known museums, the Ernest Hemingway house-museum, is located here. A big portion of the visitors’ attention takes come the Museum the Robert The Doll. The horror-story-worthy legend tells about the woody doll that is blamed in plenty of terrible life events that taken place with world who own the doll. You deserve to read an ext on their internet site http://www.kwahs.org/exhibitions/online-exhibitions/robert-the-doll/. Many of the tourism are available in the night time to enhance the effect.


Key West is an for sure charming island through fabulous ocean views and beautiful design covered in flowers and plants. The main street is Duval which has shops, cozy bars, and restaurants. While here, make certain to invest at least one night watching the sun setting down at the Sunset Pier. With plenty of outside seating and live music you will discover yourself enjoy it this fairly peaceful minute of the islander life.

Key West is recognized for every kinds that water activities such as snorkeling, catamarans, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and anything rather you deserve to imagine. However, this is not the ar to gain the beach. Ns did not expect this, so i was to be slightly disappointed. You see all this gorgeous waters and it is difficult to stand up to the temptation to sirloin in it. Right here is the catch: over there is no an excellent access to it! Beaches space either very rocky (and you can not walk there!) or it has the swamp looking shore line. Because that me it was the greatest drawback of the Florida Keys. Us did regulate to find beach access on Boca Chica Key, yet it is very tiny and water over there is shallow. But keep in mind that you will need to have military affiliation to access this “best” beach.

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Sunset Pier, vital West

I found it unique and also cute how numerous Chiclets to be walking around on the highways of an essential West. Bird were definitely comfortable v humans and even cars about them. Hen were every over: cross the street, sitting on the bench, and also even acquisition a stroll top top the pier. But my favorite component of this “chicken Kingdom” to be to watch these birds walking around in the restaurants as they were functioning or life there!


On the means back to the main land we invested a job in ft Lauderdale and also I cannot express how much we chosen this town. Situated in the northern outskirt of Miami and also spreading follow me the coast. Fort Lauderdale is an for sure beautiful place. Make certain to arrangement to spend here at the very least a day. Girlfriend can check out downtown, take a water taxi, gain wonderful beaches or be sure in plenty of of city’s cafes.

As wonderful as Florida was I would certainly not visit it again during the summer time. Generally, one mainly is sufficient to visit everything from fort Lauderdale to vital West as result of the quick driving distance. Many of beaches are free but less advertised. Make sure to examine the map before you salary the park fees (entrance fees vary from $5 to $15). Additionally do research about Orlando and also other urban as Florida walk have more to offer. Enjoy your trip!