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I walked on campus and also immediately knew this to be the ar where I would certainly be because that the next four years.”

Monday, November 8 Letter Writing with Art House

Political economic situation of War and Peace film Screening – The Prosecutors

Tuesday, November 9 gain To know CHOICE

Center because that Holocaust/Genocide Study’s Commemoration of Kristallnacht

cg-tower.com college Republicans/cg-tower.com Catholic Campus Ministry existing Guest speak Trent Horn

Wednesday, November 10 Women’s Entrepreneurship Panel

shortTREC Greece info Session

Friday, November 12 Jummah Prayer

College of free Arts

bookkeeping Anthropology art Art history Biochemistry & molecule Biology Biology service Business Management* Chemistry Chinese Studies timeless Studies computer Science an innovative Writing Cybersecurity** business economics Engineering* design Physics English eco-friendly Management* ecological Science ecological Studies & Sustainability Finance** Forestry* French German researches History**

international Relations Italian researches Law* Marketing math Media & interactions Medicine* Music Neuroscience Nursing* Nutrition/Dietetics* Pan-African Studies approach Physics Political science Psychology windy Health** faith Sociology software Engineering* Spanish Statistics Teaching* Theatre arts Women’s & gender Studies *Dual degree program only. ** dual degree and also undergraduate level programs both available.

Caspersen institution of Graduate Studies

Masters Programs

arts & letter (MLitt/DLitt) Data analytics (MS) education and learning (MEd) Finance (MS) background & society (MA/PhD) Medical humanities (MMH/DMH) to teach (MAT)

Doctoral Programs

arts & letters (MLitt/DLitt) history & culture (MA/PhD) Medical humanities (MMH/DMH)

The Theological School

Masters Programs

big (MDiv) faith (MAR) spiritual Theology (STM) Theology and also Ministry (MATM)

Doctoral Programs

to adjust (DMin) Religion/Theology (PhD)

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