Metal Slimes give a ton the XP in Dragon search 11, but are few of the rarest monster to encounter. We've acquired the tricks to help you farm yard them for basic levels. Also by the final act the Dragon search 11, you will more than likely still it is in a long method off native level cap. Unless you desire to spend a ton of time grinding the end encounters, leveling up your party high sufficient to take it on the final boss and also endgame content will take a an extremely long time.

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However, Metal Slimes are among the few enemies that can appear in random battles that actually provide a ton the XP, presume you deserve to both find and kill them before they flee. While steel Slimes can technically appear anywhere at any time, there space a few places you deserve to go to increase your chances. Plus there space multiple varieties of metal Slimes the all provide different quantities of XP, and also a few methods come make taking them down nearly guaranteed.

Updated top top September 1, 2021 by Renan Fontes: Metal Slimes room a Dragon quest staple and also are your many valuable source when level grinding. Dragon pursuit XI is no stranger once it comes to Metal Slimes, special a great variety of castle — every one of which sports their own distinct stats. Dragon pursuit XI breathes new life not only into the series but that monsters. Metal Slime farming is less complicated said 보다 done, for this reason you'll want to understand what you're up against in advance.

Metal Slime
over there is a wide selection of metal Slimes in Dragon quest XI and also they all sports their own unique stats and also attributes. Vicious different stats will certainly be marked down in parentheses.

Metal Slime

HP: 4 MP: 999 ATK: 25 (121) DEF: 999 AGL: 152 (327)

Metal Slime Knight

HP: 100 (162) MP: 12 (18) ATK: 93 (138) DEF: 154 (220) AGL: 82 (118)

Liquid steel Slime

HP: 8 (10) MP: 999 ATK: 43 (112) DEF: 999 AGL: 287 (362)

Metal Dragon Slime

HP: 199 (386) MP: 36 (56) ATK: 179 (264) DEF: 167 (283) AGL: 146 (190)

Metal King Slime

HP: 20 (40) MP: 999 ATK: 200 (260) DEF: 999 AGL: 494 (801)

King of steel King Slimes

HP: 800 MP: 376 ATK: 177 DEF: 500 AGL: 189

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depending on which plot you're currently in, there space a couple of locations to rise your chances of finding metal Slimes. In plot One, you need to hunt because that normal metal Slimes in the Insula Orientalis and also Champs Sauvage areas. Liquid metal Slimes can also be discovered in these two locations, and the imperial Library. These types are worth 2,010 and 10,050 XP, respectively.

plot Two has actually Hardy hand in Laguna di Gondolia and also Mount Huji for 34,400 XP each, and Metal King Slimes in The Battleground for 70,070 XP. Finally, in action Three, there are Vicious Liquid metal Slimes in The Disciple's Trial and also The devilish Crypt worth 80,640 XP. Vicious steel King Slimes, worth a lining 161,610 XP, can appear in The Luminary's Trial and Citadel that Spite.

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recognize a steel Slime is tough already, but these slippery tiny guys love to dodge her attacks and run from battle the first chance they get. Plus your defense is for this reason high that also if you control to land a hit, it could only carry out 1 damage. If you're unlucky, you might not even get a opportunity to attack at all before they flee. To assist avoid this, always have at least Erik and Jade in your party because they should gain their transforms first, but also because they have the best skills to in reality hit a metal Slime. Erik's crucial Claim ability is the best method to take down a metal Slime in a single hit.

It makes his next hit guaranteed to be a crit, therefore as long as the lands the slime have to go under in one. Jade's bright Thrust and Multi Thrust space her best options. Light Thrust is comparable to Erik's crucial Claim, but not fairly as reliable, while Multi Thrust is weaker but has much better odds come hit since she attacks multiple times. Because that your other party members, any kind of sword user deserve to learn metal Slash quickly enough, which will be an almost guaranteed hit.

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There's one somewhat lengthy process that can take every the guesswork out of farming metal Slimes if you're ready to put in some prep. This an approach can rise even late-game characters' multiple levels in a solitary encounter if done correctly. Points will likewise go much quicker if her Hero has learned the Pep Up ability and you have actually some Pep Pips in your inventory, despite neither is required.

to begin, enter random battles and simply defend until you have Hero, Erik, Sylvando, Jade, and also Rab all pepped up. As soon as one is pepped, swap them out to maintain their pepped state. When you have actually all characters pepped up, flee or end the battle and also save your game.

Next, uncover a place where you deserve to encounter lot of weak opponents in a single battle — the more the better. Enter battle with Hero, Jade, Sylvando, and also Erik and also use the pep power Hallelujah, i m sorry will rise the rewards you earn from battle, consisting of XP, by in between 1.5 and also three times normal. This pep relocate will price Hero, Erik, and Jade's pep states.

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Now, either guard till Hero and Sylvando space pepped again, or use Hero's Pep increase skill and also a Pep Pip ~ above Sylvando. Either way, once both are pepped again, swap in Rab for Erik and also use the pep ability Electro Light through Hero, Jade, and also Sylvando. This ability turns all enemies into either metal Slimes or mechs. If you get mechs, reload her save and also start the process over.

If you obtain a quite lineup of metal Slimes, expect Rab gets a turn fast so you have the right to use Dirge of Dundrasil to placed them all to sleep. This will store them from running away immediately, so girlfriend can speak to in Erik and also start using crucial Claim, bright Thrust, and Metal Slash attacks to wipe them every out with no pressure.

This setup is technical and also time-consuming if girlfriend don't have actually Pep Pips, however is by far the most reliable means to take down steel Slimes. When combined with Hallelujah to make each success worth up to three times more than normal, this is by far the fastest method to get levels.

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