I had actually to walk to my regional P.O. To ship something an initial Class Priority. Ns ordered something online 2-day priority. The was welcomed at the initial P.O. ~ above Tuesday, claims tracking. Mine mail transport came v my community at 9:30am, today. Since I was at the P.O. To perform business, anyway, ns figured why not inquire around my package in question. I printed the tracking record. The clerk behind the counter said the there will certainly be a so late shipment and my package will certainly be there, then. Does this make any type of sense come anybody?

Just curious. Thanks.

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Thanks. Ns have, in my 26 years living in mine town, have only newly seen 2nd deliveries approximately Christmas. I m sorry sorta made sense, cuz I just thought the P.O. To be trying to step it up for the holiday.

Yep mine does the too. Occasionally packages will certainly come as late together 9 o'clock in ~ night over holidays

Sometimes they have a separate mail carrier the runs around and also delivers packages off-schedule. I've seen that many times for points shipped come me

I've only had a 2nd delivery once there was a package guaranteed to be yielded by a certain day and time and also it didn't make it to the sorting facility until after the transport left.

Until a couple of main ago, no, I have actually never checked out that from the USPS. My consistent mail carrier normally does both letters and also packages in ~ the exact same time.

Then someday I saw on my cameras that a mrs in a arbitrarily regular automobile (like a maxima) traction up and also left a little package on mine front porch (as the USPS usually does for me).

Then a couple of days ago the very same woman in the regular automobile showed earlier up, yielded a small package, and also picked up the outgoing packages I had sitting through the mailbox for the day.

I'm not certain if this is something new they're exploring with in your ar or if over there is going to be a separate committed package path apart native the letter carrier from now on.

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I'm sure the USPS is doing a many experimentation, considering exactly how much castle struggling. Castle just raised the shipping costs, and I dont think the services are improviing.

Every time I've request a question, here, the solution is always a question, in return. Why cant people just just answer mine question?


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