You won’t meet a more crazed team of Broncos fans than the males at Love n dislike Elite Tattoo Studio in Denver. In fact, they are even closed ~ above NFL Sundays, to make certain that everyone is home watching the game.

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So when 22-year-old tattoo artist josh Lucern heard his coworkers bashing top top Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, he had to speak up. Even though anyone at the shop is a born and raised Broncos fan, Lucern is the just one who believes Tebow deserve to win in ~ the expert level.

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One the Love n Hate’s regulars, Juan Contreras, 26, loves come poke funny at Lucern around Tebow. What began as an innocent joke grew into a bet with some quite high stakes.

“If Tebow no win five games then he it s okay to tattoo me ‘Te-’ but if I victory he has to get a tattoo that states ‘Tebow Time,"" Lucern stated in a phone call interview Wednesday night.

That gambling is extra-risky when considering that Contreras has no vault tattooing experience.

As Tebow began to rack up miraculous 4th quarter wins, Contreras began to gain nervous. But Tebow won and also won and won.

Initially, Contreras assumed that Lucern would tattoo on the a little watch inscriptions “Tebow Time,” however when it was time to do a decision, Contreras said, “I’m not going to prefer it one of two people way, might as well make it funny.” and also funny the is; also Contreras’s wife and also mother think it’s hilarious.

Photo: mock Lucern

Lucern had actually previously attracted out plenty of Tebow sketches prior to (he also has a Broncos logo design tattooed top top his left calf), but when creating a tattoo for Contreras, he wanted to create “the most ridiculous thing possible to punish him because that doubting Tebow.”

Oddly enough, that catalyst came from the centaur on the Old freckles commercial. The original design was going to have a horse’s leg mounted onto Tebow’s body but Lucern feeling the half-horse, half-man relenten was also better. The tattoo, about 4 customs in diameter, is ~ above the external of Contreras’s left thigh. Over there is no head within the helmet as result of the scaling that the drawing. Though Lucern is generally meticulous with his inking, he purposely made this tattoo look at cartoonish to mock Contreras.

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The reactions have actually been mixed. “Everyone thinks ns this Tebow maniac however I yes, really don’t choose him," Contreras said. "I don’t think he need to be one NFL quarterback.”

For a male who currently has several tattoos, one an ext as a joke is nothing to problem about.

“Everyone has actually a different perspective on tattoos but it’s a piece of skin," Contereras said. "It’s no on my face and I nothing think I’ll ever before regret it but if ns do, my buddy does good cover-up work.”

Meredith Kenyon, a college student at St. John"s University, have the right to be reached at meredith_kenyon She can likewise be found on Twitter