Have friend noticed that you frequently get heartburn after cigarette smoking pot? You"ll now be wondering whether you have to stay far from marijuana if you desire to eliminate heartburn and follow an mountain reflux diet.

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Are you regularly plagued by mountain reflux, and do you want to eliminate heartburn fast — and hopefully forever?

You will have heard that certain foods and also dietary habits can cause heartburn, and that avoiding the main triggers of mountain reflux will offer you relief. If you"re a continual marijuana user with regular heartburn, you might be wonder if smoking pot makes your heartburn worse. 


Does Marijuana cause Heartburn? It"s no That Simple

Look about for info around potential heartburn triggers, and also you"ll quickly notification that many people will recommend you to remain away from tomatoes, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods, chocolate, and also coffee — and also urging you come eat smaller sized meals an ext frequently, because huge portion size can reason heartburn also <1>. 

Dig a bit deeper, and also you"ll likewise ask yourself: "Should i eat citrus fruit top top an mountain reflux diet?" an excellent question, because citrus fruits are highly acidic, and acidic foods make your heartburn worse <2>. You may additional want to shed weight if you"re overweight or obese, because overweight folks have an enhanced risk of mountain reflux <3>. Oh, and preventative procedures like having actually your the very least meal at the very least three hours prior to you hit the bag <4>, resting on your left next <5>, and also even chewing gum ~ meals <6> can all be natural heartburn remedies as well. 

As you have the right to see from the references, there"s many of research right into various heartburn triggers and also lifestyle alterations that can aid you remove heartburn. That"s wherein we hit a wall, though — studies especially investigating the impact marijuana has actually on heartburn merely do not exist.

That"s a surprise, perhaps, and also it will certainly baffle you if you"re a pot smoker who"s pretty sure that marijuana actually does make her heartburn worse or even causes it. The lack of scientific evidence suggesting that marijuana causes heartburn doesn"t typical it doesn"t, mental you. Smoking cigarettes pot may lead to heartburn indirectly, and that"s what we"ll look in ~ now. 

Smoking causes Heartburn

Many pot smokers mix weed and tobacco to do a share — and also it"s quite clear that an mountain reflux diet and also tobacco simply don"t combine:

Nicotine chin is absolutely a huge component of the problem here — even chewing tobacco and nicotine gum, which space obviously both smokeless systems, can reason heartburn.

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There is also some proof that the mechanics that smoking contribute to episodes of acid reflux by dry the esophagus out together it introduces heart into this component of the anatomy. If this is the case, then smoking cannabis on its own, even without tobacco, can worsen her heartburn.

Marijuana reasons The Munchies, and also The Munchies reason Heartburn

Research shows that marijuana has an huge (excuse the pun) impact on appetite — constant pot smokers consume as much as 40 percent much more calories! What kind of calories could you crave when you get high on marijuana? fat snacks, cacao bars, and sugary drinks, mostly. <9>

It therefore happens that the foods human being are most most likely to crave after cigarette smoking a joint space the same foodstuffs that often reason heartburn, in other words. Besides specific foods, big portion sizes are likewise a risk aspect for frequent episodes of heartburn and even the development of gastroesophageal reflux an illness (GERD, the chronic type of heartburn). <10>

Smoking pot may make your preexisting heartburn worse because marijuana provides you want to eat more food, and an ext foods that room really negative for world with mountain reflux, in various other words. If you want to follow an mountain reflux diet to discover relief indigenous heartburn, girlfriend don"t really desire an appetite stimulant prefer weed to organize you back, perform you?

The Bottom Line

Regular pot smokers who regularly suffer indigenous heartburn, and also especially those who have actually noticed that they often experience mountain reflux while smoking cigarettes pot or automatically after, should definitely listen to your (literal!) gut — in spite of a absence of scientific research straight indicating the marijuana has the potential to cause heartburn. As you"ve seen, marijuana can add to your mountain reflux in three distinct ways — by presenting nicotine to her system, by dry out her esophagus if you smoke three (other forms of consuming marijuana would remove this certain concern), and also by raising your appetite. 

If you"re in search of an acid reflux diet to assist you save heartburn at bay, the fact is that there"s no cookie-cutter recipe that will job-related for every solitary person. Some people really need to say no to spicy foods, onions and garlic top top an mountain reflux diet, for instance, when those who have been eat spicy foods because early childhood may actually be much less likely to suffer from heartburn. 

Your project is, then, to figure out for yourself what triggers your heartburn and what doesn"t. Have the right to marijuana cause heartburn? Indirectly, certainly. If you uncover that this stop true for you, then you"re certainly advised come quit cigarette smoking pot. 

(Oh, and one last note for the couple of curious folks who were wondering — what v the medical marijuana trend and all that — if marijuana have the right to actually assist treat of alleviate heartburn. There"s no evidence that marijuana is a herbal heartburn remedy, and enough indirect proof that marijuana may indirectly cause heartburn that you shouldn"t go shot for yourself, either. If you do, however, cigarette smoking it definitely is not the right answer.)