CAMP HILL, PA (March 18, 2010) – To aid meet the requirements of that is customers, Rite help stores nationwide currently accept EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards/food stamps provided through the Supplemental Nutrition aid Program (SNAP). More than 38 million Americans received food assistance through SNAP last year, according to the United states Department of farming (USDA).

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SNAP, previously known together the Food rubber stamp Program, is administered by the USDA and also offers families and also individuals at particular income level financial assistance in purchase food and also beverages. Electronic Benefits move (EBT) is the digital system that permits a SNAP recipient to authorize carry of their government benefits from a commonwealth account come a retailer account to salary for commodities received.

SNAP advantage recipients room issued EBT cards the look prefer debit cards. Client swipe their EBT card favor a credit card at the moment of the purchase and the cash register automatically deducts the eligible purchase (any food, candy or non-alcoholic beverage) indigenous the balance on their card. For extr details top top SNAP, visit

“One in eight Americans space receiving food help through SNAP follow to the USDA,” claimed Brian Fiala, Rite aid Executive evil President, store Operations. “With nearly 4,800 Rite assist stores nationwide giving assorted groceries, agree EBT cards is just an additional convenience we have the right to offerto our customers and aid make their resides a little easier.”

Rite aid (NYSE: RAD) is one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains with nearly 4,800 stores in 31 states and also the district of Columbia with fiscal 2009 annual sales of an ext than $26.3 billion. Information about Rite Aid, including corporate background and also press releases, is accessible through Rite Aid’s internet site at

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