The prefixes "pre-" and "post-" express to events before and after. Because that instance, "pre-season" and also "post-season" or "pre-study" and "post-study". Is over there a prefix installation this sample which way "during" that have the right to fit in the type "(prefix)-season" and also "(prefix)-study"? "Mid-season" and "mid-study" appears to refer to the middle point, so the does not seem prefer a good fit.

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I"m not a language expert but I think intra- is the prefix you room looking for:

1a : in ~ b : throughout c : between layers that source:



It different from word to word, relying on the particular example, yet the most common prefix is in-, or for there to be no prefix in ~ all:

I can"t wait for the season to start. The in-season games are so much much better than the preseason ones!

After a little of pre-study work, we did part studying, and also then went because that post-study drinks.



What about peri- as in perinatal. It does typical "around, about", and also if offered in a feeling of time (as in perinatal) this could mean "during"

Dictionary entry because that peri-

In clinical terms, it"s "preoperative," "intraoperative," and also "postoperative," through "perioperative" encompassing the whole surgical process: before, during, and also after (according come Wikipedia:

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