If you have actually a little girl that is asking for an American Girl doll yet you don’t understand whether or not it’s precious the hefty price tag, then this short article is for you! I’ve been a pan of American Girl since I was a tiny girl. I would flip v the magazines and drool over every the cute dolls and accessories. They are adorable, even to this day!

When i was 9 years old Santa brought me Molly. I had recently been put in glasses so the was fun to have actually a doll the looked prefer me. Ns loved her (and tho do!) for this reason so much. I still have her and also pull her out every once in a while because that my girl to play with. These dolls stand the check of time and also I love that they have actually a historical background come them.

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The biggest difference in between the American Girl Doll brand and Our Generation brand is the price. Ours Generation dolls space on median 1/4 that the price as American Girl dolls. The is a significant difference! friend are definitely paying for the name once shopping American Girl. That does but hold its value a little an ext because that the brand name.


If you’re spring to acquire a doll that looks as with your daughter, over there is definitely much more to select from as soon as shopping American Girl. You deserve to customize her doll, purchase a important Me doll which has dozens of options to choose from v differing hair, eye and also face colors, or you deserve to purchase historical/girl that the year dolls. Target does offer a great variety, but it is limited.

Create her Own



While the structure of every doll is very similar, there room some slim differences. Overall, the high quality of American Girl surpasses our Generation but not through a lot. The mechanics the the American Girl dolls work far better than the the contrary i.e. The legs, arms and also head have much better mobility. When moving each doll, the ours Generation eyes open and shut louder than the American Girl and also the feel of our Generation doesn’t feel as dense. You have the right to see slight differences in the body kind in the photograph below. I am just comparing these certain doll characters, various other dolls made by each brand can vary.

As you can see, the American Girl body kind is slightly different. The legs are cut differently to help them move far better and the shape of the torso renders it less complicated to hold.


Doll hair is always a ache in the target to preserve no issue the doll, yet our American Girl dolls’ hair has absolutely held up much better and it easier to brush through. This may or may not it is in a deal breaker because that buyers, however I discover the doll’s hair to it is in super important! ns don’t want them ending up through a rat’s nest head of hair.

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As through buying any kind of product linked with a well-known brand, there room some perks. The best one is going come an American Girl Doll Store. We visited the save in L.A. Previously this year and also it to be a blast! mine girls thought it was amazing seeing their dolls in addition to the coordinating setups. It is a dream keep for any small girl, and adults alike! ns was freaking out just as much! you can obtain your doll’s hair done, ear pierced, or have actually lunch v them. So dang cute!


Similarities in between American Girl and also Our Generation Dolls

Cuteness Factor

No matter the brand, the dolls space CUTE! comes in at 18″ high they are the perfect dimension for 3 year olds up to preteens. There are so numerous fun clothing you can find for your dolls. I uncovered a bunch of cute and affordable clothes and accessories indigenous Amazon. Girlfriend can likewise find matching garments for girls and also their dolls i m sorry takes the cuteness up a notch!


Each brand comes through their own collection of furniture and accessories. American Girl has actually the cutest assortment in mine opinion but it can additionally be 5 time the price of our Generation! my daughter has this pink convertible vehicle on her perform from the American Girl Doll Store but I discovered a knock-off variation from Target. They look nearly identical.



Both brands sell their dolls through a surname attached come them. Some additionally come v a book all around them. This renders it funny for the girl to contact them by name. Ns hear all around “Blaire” and also “Mary Ellen” ~ above a day-to-day basis. I’m partial come the historic character dolls indigenous American Girl for this reason. Every one has actually a story come tell. No issue the brand, these dolls are going to carry endless hours of fun for young girls.


We have actually been super happy v our American Girl dolls! They are the people my girls have preferred over our Generation. To sum it up, my advice because that those spring to acquisition an 18″ doll because that their little girls is…


We own these funny accessories and they gain played through constantly. Can’t beat the price and also the high quality is great!