Dealing with heartburn, acid reflux, and also related digestive problems NATURALLY; composed by who who suffered for years before finding the source cause and also curing her problems...

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Back in 2003-2005, I had actually so much trouble v heartburn (acid reflux, GERD, call it what girlfriend like), i couldn"t sleep in ~ night since it felt favor I was having actually a heart attack. I"d finish up gaining a couple hours sit propped up in a chair. I was only 25 at the time! I always felt lousy, and I had actually RSI, acne, headaches, and other issues, also (only later did I find out this was every related). The doctors wanted me to take it prescription-strength acid-blocking pills every day; ns was fear of what taking this stuff every the time might do, and it didn"t even assist that much. Finally, i came across a pair of publications that led me to get tested for food allergies; it turned out i was gluten- and dairy-intolerant. Once I removed these foods from my diet, mine heartburn and acid reflux symptoms disappeared within a couple weeks (my other health problems gradually go away as well). I quit posting come this blog when my problems went away, but recently I"ve watched so much utter BS on the internet (buy my ebook and also I"ll cure your heartburn!) the it made me desire to start posting again. I"m no a doctor, so please discover a natural practitioner (or at least a physician who will assist you look because that root reasons rather than prescribing drugs) to attend to your very own problems. But if you find this blog more useful 보다 the website trying to scam you into buying get-well-yesterday products, please link to it and also let"s try to assist some people...

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May 31, 2006

Looking for organic or natural rememdies for mountain reflux? Well, you can have simple one ideal in the door of her refrigerator. Mustard is a "little known and perhaps how amazing remedy for heratburn. The following time you have an attack of acid reflux, try eating a fifty percent teaspoon of any kind of yellow or gray advertisement mustard." Granted mustard isn"t the tasty without the warm dog or sandwich come go with it, but, hey, if it works, that works. Ns haven"t personally tried this one, for this reason if everyone does, let us know just how it works.

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I looked on this website because mustard is just one of the major things that give me heartburn. So i assume ns dont have acid reflux, climate what carry out you think I can have?

Do you get heartburn automatically after having actually mustard and also other problemm foods, or is the a delayed reaction? do all spicy foods give girlfriend this trouble (that's the situation for numerous people, and it's quite normal).

Acid reflux is as soon as acid escapes into the esophagus from the stomach, and it's usually a chronic problem, not something wherein you can suggest at a specific food as the culprit.

I think with these house remedies (i.e. The mustard suggestion) it needs a little of trial and also error to check out what works for you. Other civilization recommend to apologize cider vinegar or DCL tablets.


MUSTARD, WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ns can't think it, ns feel therefore much far better :). This is my very first time trying it. Ns hope this will occupational again if the pain happens again. Give thanks to you for posting this info, I'll try anything if it method relief!


Hmm... Mustard never functioned for me. It in reality made heartburn worse. Ns guess we're all various :)

I actually have the same difficulty as Linda. Also a tespoon of mustard, and also I have a damaging stabbing pains in my chest within 15 minutes. Doc claims this is mountain reflux (other problems excluded ~ exam).

Go figure.

i love this! finally, this proves i'm not crazy!!! when i to be pregnant, i brought mustard packs around in mine pocket. They operated WONDERS!!! i have tried this several times since, and also it has functioned everytime. I have even talked numerous friends right into trying it, and also it has worked for castle too

Posted by:Sara |September 15, 2007 at 10:06 PM

a spoon the bread soda in milk is excellent for heartburn tried and also tested.

Posted by:teresa |September 18, 2007 in ~ 10:08 AM

I've suffered from Heartburn through all my pregnancies (3 Total) and also the Mustard WORKS, we just buy the Spicy Brown, it burns alittle going under at very first but the heartburn is unable to do within ten minutes. The is soo much safer for the Baby 보다 OTC or Prescription Medicines.

I have acid reflux so negative that i wake up choking throughout the night. Mustard has been a life saver because that me. Laugh if you want however it works!!!!

The first time i tried mustard it made my heartburn worse - or so the seemed. After ~ a friend swore it assisted her when she to be pregnant, ns tried the the way she described. A heaping tablespoon complied with by a glass the water. She stated it scorched at an initial and it does, however then blessed relief. I have reflux and I hope this functions as not just pain relief yet to neutralize the esophogeal acid.

Posted by:Johnny |February 28, 2008 at 11:23 PM

It worked!!! I was in some agony a little bit ago, but now i am good :)Give it a try!

Posted by:Holly |May 23, 2008 in ~ 12:55 PM

Oh yeah, it certainly WORKS! My friend told me to shot it about a year ago, and it operated IMMEDIATELY!!! quicker than tums or any kind of other end the counter medication!! I believed it to be something that just he thought of, yet I researched it and people yes, really eat mustard to cure heartburn! I normally drink water quickly afterwards because of food its not that good without a hotdog or hamburger, lol... However YEAH,,,TOTALLY WORKS!!! try IT and SEE...ALSO, MILK functions GREAT!!

I make the efforts mustard for the an initial time a couple of days back and it appeared to work-related well, however I'm walk to shot again. Sometimes a slice or 2 of bread appears to job-related - maybe it soaks increase the acid more.

Also, be careful with milk. Mine gastroenterologist claims that despite it may cause soothing relief in the quick run, in the lengthy run one effect of milk is to increase acid production, so you can get recorded in a vicious cycle.

Well ns didnt think it yet I make the efforts it and it works. I have actually heartburn all the time. Exceptionally surprised this worked.

i have actually chronic heartburn, and i'll admit, it could have helped for prefer an hour, if that, and also then it came best back. I would certainly compare the performance to rolaids though. Ns was quite surprised it also worked at every though

I came down on this page because I to be looking to see if mustard cause my mountain reflux, because it certain does mine - but then again, I have to avoid bananas too. Ns was surprised to view that the is offered to diminish the effects of heartburn and/or acid reflux. I currently take Protanix yet I'm terrible at psychic to take the pill every solitary day. My body allows me know by the 4th skipped job :-(

mustard constantly works wonders for me, so lot so that ns gather the discarded mustard package at occupational at keep them in mine desk. I no longer also buy tums to address heartburn, a pair packs that mustard and also the heartburn is gone!

Mustard works! i tried every little thing from, Rolaids, Malox, Pepto-Bismol, and also Tums. Ns ate around 3 table spoons that mustard and also my heartburns to be gone in seconds.

Im not certain that this does work, back I have been said by a pair of human being it works for them Ive had even much more tell me that doesn't. I will be trying it complied with by a glass the water as explained here though watch if the glass that water makes a difference.

I was diagnosed through esophageal acid reflux - critical night after drinking a small orange juice I had actually a situation of reflux and I make the efforts the mustard - it worked.... I tried it this particular day again and it yes, really worked! .... Wow!!!

Mustard works! i take a tablespoon! someone told me years earlier to take a tablespoon, I believed they were nuts! gets rid the it, almost instantly!

I have actually experienced heartburn for 2 work now, ns am top top a prescribed dosage of acid reflux medicine too. Ns took a twin dosage today and nothing worked, tried drink milk, feels an excellent going down, however had no relief, additionally ate a cup the yogurt the didnt aid either, and a couple of saltine crackers quiet no relief. I just tried because that the very first time 2 teaspoons of mustard, burning as it walk down. Ns cant believe it for 2 work i have actually suffered and also now after analysis online around mustard, i am encouraged it functions after I just tried it. It has been 10 minutes and I feel better

milk is just really a momentary relief because that reflux in the end milk actually provides it worse since it walk the the opposite of neutralizing the acids. A spoonful of mustard adhered to by a glass of water will perform the trick or a spoonful the baking soda dissolved in lukewarm water will certainly work also with this you'll discover you burp and also then the reflux is gone it reacts in ur stomach similar to the of baking soda and also vinegar neutralizing two extremes. Expect this helped! :)

i love mustard personally. So when i to be told when to eat mustard to aid my heartburn, ns was surprised once it worked. Perform you think i eat tums anymore? no. Simply mustard once it involves heartburn.

Looked online because I forgot come buy mine antacids today. I eat at the very least a huge container that tums a week and also prilosec, etc.THE MUSTARD WORKED!! and also now that I have actually read around all these herbal remedies ns will never take those drugs again. Thanks!

Just do the efforts this and cant think it but this worked. Instantly too.Some wives tales are true! ns ate 1 full teaspoon then plain cracker to death the taste. 2 minute later, gone!

Mustard is my favourite condiment so ns don't mind taking it by itself. I gain heartburn really infrequently, but when ns do, mustard relieves it my symptoms much more thoroughly and for much longer than tums or Zantac ever did. Over there is a bit of an acidic emotion surge just after taking about a tablespoon, but after a couple of seconds the trouble fades completely. Possibly it's simply my body's chemical makeup or something, yet I'm a believer.

MUSTARD WORKED!! AFTER acquisition TUMS for 3 DAYS and also NO RELIEF, i TURNED come MUSTARD. Within 2 minutes MY PAIN to be GONE. THANKS!

Just make the efforts the mustard here at 4:45am with a poor case of heartburn. Ns knew i was walking to have actually to get dressed and also go come the save for tums or rolaids. Nope, i tried the teaspoon of mustard v water and also I feeling much far better already. Thank goodness I uncovered this site. Now I can go back to bed and also sleep peacefully. This is a keeper as a heartburn remedy because that me. Thank you, give thanks to you, thank you.

Posted by:Scott |December 26, 2009 in ~ 01:43 AM

A mom of four said mustard and also it works choose a charm!

Posted by:Vic |January 10, 2010 in ~ 08:31 AM

I do the efforts mustard & it also made the worse. However like other poster mentioned, we're all different. It operated for my young friend, though.

It works!! Everyone, including my husband, looks in ~ me favor I have 10 heads or something as soon as I tell them to shot this or I'm pulling into a journey thru because that mustard packets!! that hilarious. I uncovered out about this years ago. Prefer the other posters, it may not work for everyone and also it deserve to burn going down for a few seconds, however for me the heartburn is gone within 5-10 mins. I simply swallow a tespoon or complete packet the mustard there is no water.

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I just had actually thyroid surgery and also woke up in ~ 2am v a poor case the heartburns from my very first real meal. I took part Tums yet that did no help. So i remembered reading about mustard and also since i was so desperate, ns took some and it WORKED!!

Hey a coworker suggested this, and also I had to check it the end first, and wow it functioned well of course after ns threw up passed out v pain, but after ns woke up ns felt better..

I forgot to buy my Prilosec so i was looking for remedies I can have below at 4:00 AM. I simply tried the mustard and it functioned great. Not sure if the will remain away however it certain did aid with the immediate problem. I took 2 teaspoons full.