I'm make the efforts to grow my hair out, yet nothing seems to work. I take biotin and hair skin and nails vitamins. Maybe I should shot out a new shampoo, like Mane N Tail, yet does that work?And what about Pre Natal vitamins? carry out those work??Help!


i in reality LOVE that shampoo/conditioner but i deserve to never discover it! that made my hair yes, really healthy and clean feeling. Offered it every day because that a year and also it never got old:)




i supplied it and also it work. And also i usage anti-contraceptive pills ~ above my regular champoo and also it works too. Gooodluck


i love mail and tail!! I used it for a while and also my hair grew nearly 2 customs in a month! It's wonderful. It smells great, it's quite cheap, and it gives your hair the best silky smooth feeling :) absolutely worthit

I have actually to be thinking about trying this shampoo and also conditioner! and also I will definitely try it if it help withgrowth!

ns love it . Yet it doesn't make her hair grow . However it provides your hair stronger and also healthyer to prosper longer . Good luck:)

you should shot herbal significance shampoo and conditioner the red bottles. It's for lengthy hair and I felt like my hair was just cultivation like crazy when I supplied that

If any kind of of friend are having trouble recognize it, we sell the entire line at Sally Beauty supply stores. It's open to the public, don't need a patent to shop there:)

i don't think the made mine hair grow however it did provide my hair *lots of volume and made it feel so healthy even after bleaching:)

I supplied this commodities a hand full of times and its functioned wonders on my hair. I noticed mine hair lookEd & felt lot healthier within a pair of days. That didn't necessarily do my hair grow, but it made my hair lot stronger. Ns would shot out this product due to the fact that it does wonders to her hair, don't acquire the olive oil based one i noticed that made mine hair feeling greasy.

You have the right to also try taking Silica. It's a herbal supplement make from the Horsetail plant. It helps hair & nailgrowth.

i tried it and also it didn't assist my hair grow, ns didn't like the smell though. I told mine dad to shot it and it functioned on the so ns guess that depends. If you walk to Walmart try to look for it in the pet section where they have shampoos for dogs and stuff. That's where I uncovered mine.(:

that won't aid your hair grow yet it will attempt to preserve what you have actually by making it stronger and healthier so there is less breakage! whatever you ingest effects your hair, so taking biotin and prenatal vitamins space the way to go.

mane and also tail go strengthen her hair, like some the the various other ladies said, so that breaks and sheds less. And I think prenatal vitamins execute work. I take castle :)

I usage to use it years ago. I never saw a difference in the development of mine hair... Yet when ns was make the efforts to flourish my hair the end I adhered to a these procedures on this blog and also it WORKED!!! as a hair dresser, whatever she recommends provides sense and also I agree w. Besides the trimming part. Lol.http://www.maskcara.com/2012/08/confessions-of-a-long-hair-addict/

ns don't think it's making her hair grow, fairly repairing break-up ends, making her hair watch longer.

This provides me laugh due to the fact that I use this product on my horse's mane and tail and well every over, if it works and it does for my steed I might have to shot it. If you are having trouble finding it walk to a farm based store or steed tackshop.

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