Howard Stern, dubbed as King of all Media, is no only famed for being a radio hold in the unified States, but additionally for his hairstyle, i beg your pardon is characterized by curly, black color locks, terms is “radio host black curly hair”.

“Does Howard Stern wear a wig?” This skepticism has led to the development of Howard Stern wigs that impersonate his hairstyle. Many human being have adhered to his hairstyle for a duration too. Get to know and have that Howard Stern looks by imitating his hairstyle, or by purchasing a wig. You can additionally read the information below.

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Who is Howard Stern?

Howard Allan Stern is the 2nd child the Ben and also Ray Stern, both the whom room Jewish and also lived in Jackson Heights in new York City. Howard was born ~ above January 12, 1954, and became famous for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show.

He wanted to it is in a radio host due to the fact that he to be a child. Howard is not just a radio and television personality, but also an actor, author, producer, and also photographer. He began his radio career in 1976 in ~ Boston University.


In 1992, that was explained as the King of all Media since of his successes in and also outside of radio. He additionally produced television shows, house videos, and pay-per-view events in enhancement to writing two books.

Howard ended up being a famous public figure in the united States. Hence, many people have i found it his distinct hairstyle. Wig manufacturers started to produce wigs fashioned after Howard Stern’s hairstyle, and some civilization have end up being interested in them, using them for various gatherings including costume parties and also cosplay.

Let’s take it a look in ~ the complying with various styles of Howard Stern wigs below:

6 layouts of Howard Stern Wigs girlfriend Should shot in 2020

1. Howard Stern by Lacey Wigs


Achieve the look the the famous radio star in Hollywood through this Howard Stern wig through Lacey. This wig looks choose the genuine hair of Howard Stern so over there is no have to go to a barbershop and ask because that his hairstyle! The wig attributes long, black huge curls and is made from high-quality synthetic hair. The is basic to maintain, manage, and also style. Indeed, you will catch the fist of guest at costume parties. Every you must do is speak choose Howard Stern.

2. Luxurious Howard Stern Wig


Get the cool watch of a radio broadcaster with this deluxe Howard Stern wig. This wig is lengthy at around 11.1 inch in length. That is arrayed through small, black curls and is easy to style. Pair this wig through cool sunglasses and also off you go for an enjoyable costume party.

3. Wild and Crazy Mullet Wig


Do you desire to look prefer Howard Stern at a costume party? If so, this wig is perfect because that you! It is a perm mullet-style wig the mimics the Howard Stern hairstyle. Girlfriend can likewise style it any type of way you desire or have it look like it’s from the late 70s and 80s.

4. Black Curly Howard Stern Wig


Try attract this Howard Stern wig and also surprise anyone at a costume party. This wig is made from excellent synthetic hair and also features black color curls. It is approximately 11 inches long, is easy come manage, and is washable. The is also flame retardant.

5. Howard Stern black color Wig


Rock any kind of event v this Howard Stern black wig. It features long, thick, black big curls that are about 18 customs long. The is quite distinctive from various other Howard Stern wigs as it has straight hair at the optimal of the head. This wig is also perfect if you desire to be a disc jockey at any party.

6. Howard Stern black color Hair Wig


Why not shot a various Howard Stern v this rather frizzy hair wig? Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and also a jacket and act choose Howard Stern. This wig is do from man-made hair and is right for costume parties or any type of event.

FAQs about Howard Stern and also His Hairstyle

1. Walk Howard Stern Wear a Wig or a Rug?

Howard Stern denies the he wears a wig or a rug. Rather, he reiterated the his hair, i beg your pardon is thick and also black, is real, human hair.

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2. Why is Howard Stern popular?

Howard Stern is simply a one-of-a-kind performer. He is favored by many people since of his honesty, brilliance, and also humor. Some human being consider him come be a an excellent broadcaster.

3. Go Howard Stern Wear a Wig all the Time?

Howard Stern is often asked if that wears a wig. That course, the answers through a huge “No.” the says that his hair is 100% actual hair. However, some human being are skeptical because it is for this reason black and thick. They believed that the wore a wig an especially when that films movies. Top top the various other hand, some people don’t think that he wears a wig.

4. Is Howard Stern’s Hair Real?

Recently, Howard Stern won the title of the “Best Men’s Hair in America” by He has bested other stars such together George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, kris Hemsworth, Robert Pattison, Russell Brand, and more. About over 40 experts in the hair care industry voted for the best, and Howard Stern had the majority of the votes. Undoubtedly, this answers the over question.

5. Why does Howard Stern stay sunglasses

He wears sunglasses not just for his cool look stage impacts but also for protecting his eyes from UV and other negative light.

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Professionals in the hair care industry have cast their votes come Howard Stern, stating that they believed Howard Stern’s hair is the best. Indeed, you have the right to have his hairstyle by going come a barbershop or just pick any type of of the Howard Stern hair easily accessible in some wig digital stores. Certainly, you will be a stand out in any kind of costume party as with Howard Stern.