Froot Loops. Once you speak the name, a myriad of colorful loops the cereal immediately comes come mind. You can not seem to get sufficient of the delightful little round things dunked in milk and sweetened come taste. However, shot to eat too lot of them and the next time you go to the toilet, an additional thought will pop up: Froot Loops and also green poop. Is over there a connection?

In 1963, Froot Loops was presented by Kellog’s, a US cereal company, to make up for the fail of its other brand, Oks. The management hated the assumed that all of the equipment that they have actually invested so much money in would become useless, therefore they collection out to invent a brand-new brand that would certainly be compatible come the machinery. They also gave Froot Loops a mascot called Toucan Sam.

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The original name was supposed to it is in ‘Fruit Loops’ however it was later changed to ‘Froot Loops’ early out to claimed lawsuit around the lack of fruit in the cereal. When the product was very first released, over there were just red, orange, and yellow loops. The colour were expected to represent cherry, orange, and lemon respectively. Later on on, an ext colors favor green, purple and blue were added in the 1990s to mimic a blend of fabricated fruit flavors.

What’s In The Froot Loops?

Froot Loops are fun to eat and also you could remember taking too lot time as a son sorting v the bright color of your favorite breakfast cereal. Absolutely eye-catching, and a key of the vivid offering is enough to start your day. However what room the ingredients behind those multi-colored loops?


It’s a provided that food dye can reason poop to rotate green. The form of bright environment-friendly that renders you want to operation to the nearest doctor. However, there space other much more natural shades the darker environment-friendly poop that can an outcome from ingesting usual foods or medicine and they include:

Green food powderPistachiosBlueberriesLeafy greens, favor kale and spinachJuice native fruit and vegetable juicing, particularly while ~ above a juicing fastFoods high in chlorophyll, a environment-friendly pigment, prefer seaweed, algae and also wheatgrassAntibioticsIron Supplements

Poor Digestion causes Green Poop

Aside from the food that you eat, green poop can likewise be sourced to having particular problems with digestion. Normally, as food travels follow me the GI tract and turns right into stool, bile together with bacteria and enzymes in the colon gradually transform its color from environment-friendly to yellow come brown.

However, there space times as soon as the digestive process moves also fast. Together a result, bile might not have enough time come be broken down the means it have to be and also your stool have the right to come the end colored environment-friendly instead that brown. Below are some gastrointestinal worries that can reason you to pass green stool:

DiarrheaOvereatingIrritable Bowel SyndromeColitisMalabsorptionCrohn’s DiseaseHyperthyroidismFood PoisoningGut Flora ImbalanceInfections such as Giardia and Salmonella

Should you Worry?

Is having eco-friendly poop something come be worried about? In general, your stool color can be attributed more to what you have recently eaten than to any type of disease. The just stool colors that you should worry around are red, white, and also black (not dark green). Even then, no all black stools are a reason for problem as lock may very well be as result of your taking iron additional or eating dark-colored foods items like Oreos or liquorice candy.

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Having environment-friendly poop does not necessarily median that you have a significant gastrointestinal disorder. Rather, you have to take a look at the ingredients of the food the you consume everyday, because it is almost always led to by food additive or food coloring. The only time you should go to your doctor after having green poop is as soon as you feeling sick in ~ the exact same time.