Although rumors started to swirl critical week of Emma Watson"s retirement native acting, the truth about the Harry Potter star"s future has lastly been revealed. ~ above Saturday, the Daily Mail reported the Watson had gone "dormant," according to her agent, definition she had actually "given increase acting." Fans roughly the civilization were both shocked and also dismayed, together the outlet revealed that the previous child star had made decision to retiree from exhilaration in order come spend an ext time with boyfriend, Leo Robinton, a Los Angeles businessman specializing in legal three (via Elle).

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Although Watson"s career has stretched the end 20 years, rumors flew together the Daily Mail confirmed that she publicist stated, she "is not taking on new commitments." while Harry Potter aficionados, fans of Perks of being a Wallflower, and also lovers the Greta Gerwig"s adaptation that Little Women were all left deep saddened by the news, numerous rallied as sources of support. 

One Twitter user wrote, "Emma Watson has given us several of the most iconic roles. I"m wishing her all the ideal for the future. She deserves this" (via US Weekly). While one more wrote, "I go not expect to wake up and also read that Emma Watson is retiring from acting but she"s act what"s best for she so i can"t yes, really complain. Thank you for offering us for this reason many great performances" (via US Weekly). Every in all, fans were deeply sentimental about Watson"s retirement — yet it seems choose there isn"t as much reason for issue after all.

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That being said, Watson is safety much much more time with her business man beau, that she has actually been with for 18 months, and also the pair are getting much more serious. So lot so that she might just be ready to settle down. As a resource told the Daily Mail, "Emma... Is stable down with Leo. They"re laying low. Perhaps she desires a family." The two hit the off during a dinner in London, first sighted in Oct. 2019, and also the actress introduced him to her parents that very same year (via US Weekly).

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Elle reports the Robinton, 31, deleted all of his social media when getting together with the actress, and also that he originates from a big family with four siblings. That is also known to have marched because that women"s civil liberties in Washington D.C., which surely pairs well v Watson"s enthusiasm for social impact. The two currently live in L.A.

Watson speak to British Vogue in 2019 about pressures to start a family, informing the outlet about how she felt in ~ the brink of turning 30. "There is all of sudden this bloody flow of subliminal message around. If you have not constructed a home, if you perform not have actually a husband, if you execute not have a baby.... There"s simply this remarkable amount the anxiety."

Whether or no Watson and Robinton decide to start a family of their very own one day, we recognize Watson will store balancing she work and love life. And — hopefully — store bringing us loads of exceptional films!