I simply went to the dentist and also my hygienist said me dip has actually glass in it and also that she can tell i was dipping because of the means my gums looked. Is the true that dip has glass? I always thought the was a myth.. Is there proof anywhere that over there is/isn't glass in dip?

edit: Is the true*


Yea it is bullshit. The reason that myth came roughly (not sure if this is compeletly factual simply what I've heard) is because sometimes the salt in dip sometimes forms into small crystals and people simply thought it to be fiberglass. Civilization say the purpose of "fiber glass in dip" is to do a little cut in the mouth the allows the nicotine acquire into the blood currently faster. But I think it's comple shit becasue i Doubt the FDA would enable smokeless tobacco service providers to placed fiber glass in there products.

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Its a fill of bull shit man. If it had glass you would certainly be bleeding from the gums EVERY single TIME friend DIP. :) all love brother.

The skin in your mouth is for this reason thin the a slight difference in pH in between the internal atmosphere of your mouth and also the pH that dipping tobacco drives the skin in her mouth to absorb the components of the dip.

Try dipping after friend brush her teeth. The toothpaste will adjust the pH and also you won't "absorb" as much of the emboldened contents/nicotine, i promise

no glass or noþeles that cuts your mouth, because if you cut the gum the is trying come absorb the nicotine, it will clot and hinder any kind of uptake! this is why rumors that hockey skaters dipping in between their toe after they made small cuts is all BS.

dont average to call you out, yet hockey players, myself included, carry out make small cuts in there toes and also put emboldened there. Its great cus you dont need to spit top top the ice and also i play high school hockey so us cant dip at all

Yeah castle are an extremely professional over there so i recognize they might tell she was just telling me how it had actually fiberglass.. I was 99% sure it to be bs however i no going to argue v the dentist :D

Doesn't smokeless tobacco contain fiberglass? - No.

The fiberglass thing is a complete myth. Over there is no evidence for this, though it gets repeated by countless anti-ST activists. We have actually heard the insurance claim that fiberglass creates small cuts which enables absorption the nicotine. However, nicotine is took in quite well with the intact and also healthy inside surface ar of her mouth, so there is no factor to carry out this. Creating holes in the surface, thus causing bleeding, might well interfere through absorption.

The just legitimate recommendation we have actually been may be to discover for the usage of fiberglass in tobacco commodities is in part cigarette filters.

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How perform you steer clear of fiberglass dip? perform you flourish your very own tobacco? Is over there a certain brand you think doesnt have glass in it?

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