I received an interesting inquiry the various other day. A woman v a well-known allergy come penicillin had actually an allergy reaction (rash and swelling) after eat a product do with genuine blue cheese. She wondered if blue cheese includes penicillin since it contains mold, i beg your pardon led me to execute a little of research.

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Blue or bleu cheese has the mold Penicillium included to it, so that the last product is spotted or veined throughout with blue, blue-gray, or blue-green mold. Some blue cheeses are injected through spores before the curds type and others have spores blended in with the curds after lock form. Instances of blue cheeses room Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and also Blue Stilton, or they might simply be dubbed blue cheese. I note as well that Penicillium camemberti is offered to do Brie and also Camembert cheeses.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_cheese

Up come 27 million world in north America room allergic come penicillin medication, which is responsible for about 5,440 cases of deadly anaphylaxis per year.** It appears that those that react come blue cheese room allergic come penicillium mold or extremely reactive to penicillin. I have heard of human being allergic to the mold and also not the medication, and of world allergic to the medication and also not the mold.

If you’re penicillin allergic or have any kind of other reason to feeling concerned, please continue with fist if friend eat blue cheese: Ask your allergist to check you for reaction to penicllium mold. It’s possible that you’re not just allergic to the medication, but that you’re allergy to penicillium mold too, in which case eating blue cheese may cause you to have an allergic reaction.

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UPDATE 11 February 2013: Several work ago, I received this post from a reader, i m sorry is crucial information come share: “I have just review your report top top the above having simply left the A & E department due to the fact that my wife, that is allergic to penicillin medication, had actually an allergy reaction after eating Brie and Stilton ~ a enjoy the meal last night. The reaction was identical to that she had suffered after a food of penicillin antibiotics. Having read other articles, many world are advising there is no link between the two, and also that you deserve to eat any type of cheese whenever girlfriend like. That absolutely was no the situation with mine wife. Yours sincerely, young name D.” boy name wrote back to me one week later on to advise: “My wife had her steroid dosage raised on Monday, and she ultimately lost the hives everywhere her body by Friday, yesterday.”

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