1 Tuner + 1 or an ext non-Tuner monsters as soon as this map is Synchro Summoned: girlfriend can ruin all cards top top the field. As soon as per turn: You deserve to banish 1 Plant-Type monster from her Graveyard, climate target 1 Defense position monster your opponent controls; change that target to face-up strike Position, and also if you do, its ATK i do not care 0 till the finish of this turn.

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Date Reviewed: August 2, 2018


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King ofLullaby

Hello cg-tower.com Fans,

Black increased Dragon is #2, and also early on in Synchro life lengthy ago, the reigned together #1.

Level 7, generic summon requirements. The Plant-based impact everyone forgets about is fantastic. Banish a Plant-Type from her grave to force an adversaries monster into attack mode and also drop its ATK come 0, that converts to straight damage. Only until the finish of the turn, however that monster won’t live to the end of the turn. ~ above the eight effect. Synchro Summon the this card equals field wipe if girlfriend choose. When very first released, this to be an insane ability, and also still is. Hefty Storm and Dark feet rolled right into one, BRD can be Synchro Summoned more than once per turn and activate this effect. The ability to clear the field is always useful to have at her disposal. Even as Synchro Summoning has actually faded in the game, Black increased Dragon stand as among the Synchro monsters you think that if you have actually a Tuner monster in her deck.

Blowing up the field can conserve you, breakthrough your plays if her strategy revolves around the graveyard, and also pave the means for a big turn. Black climbed Dragon will constantly be an alternative in the video game for anyone playing a Tuner. The devastating capacity has to be dampened end time, but it still has a crushing ability that deserve to turn the tide of a video game with minimal effort.

Advanced-4/5 Art-4.5/5

Until following TimeKingofLullaby


Black rose Dragon is THE ar nuke. BRD is a generic Level 7 Fire Dragon-type Synchro Monster through 2400 Atk and 1800 Def. Any way you deserve to make a Tuner and also a non-tuner will get you a Synchro Summon that can destroy all cards ~ above the field. If girlfriend want, since technically the effect is no mandatory. No is the various other effect. If you have plants in your grave, you can banish one to target a def place monster and switch that to face up attack position and also make the monster’s assault 0. Black rose Dragon is still terrific boss monster for plants because of that effect. The earned the number 2 spot because that the very first attack being great field clear the doesn’t target and also is an ext easily summoned in an ext decks than, let’s say Judgement Dragon. Finally, BRD is just fracking beautiful.

Score: 4.99/5 (.01 for ruining itself) Art: 5/5


A card that does warrant a clues on this list, though it does surprised me come see just how high that is overall, the does warrant the spot sorta. Originally released in the 2008 tide 2 Tins (2008 had great tins) we have Black increased Dragon.

BRD is a Level 7 FIRE Dragon Synchro with 2400 ATK and also 1800 DEF requiring one Tuner and also one or much more non-Tuners. Stats space fine because that a Level 7, attribute ns wish to be better, but type is great. As soon as BRD is Synchro Summoned, girlfriend can destroy all cards ~ above the field. Yeah, pretty straightforward yet yes, really amazing. If your opponent has a bigger board v weak protection, this have the right to really wipe them the end of the duel because that the rest of the game. To add with easy summoning needs plus Destrudo making this also easier, BRD is great. Though when it concerns Destrudo, through AFD gone, BRD could not make Extra Deck splashes v Destrudo in the key Deck till Needlefiber reaches the TCG. The other result is most likely unheard of come most, yet once per revolve you can banish a plant from her GY to target a Defense position monster your opponent controls and swap it to attack Position and then do its ATK 0 until the end of the turn. If you room playing Plants, this can come in handy to end up the video game when your adversary is top top the defensive side. BRD is great, mostly because of the very first effect she has. Was standing the test of time really well. Was restricted back in the day though since the absence of Synchros way this was more than likely played in multiples.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 BRD is very pretty.

My #2: Brionac, Dragon that the ice Barrier.

Alex Searcy

cg-tower.com himself said we only had four lists submitted (appropriately offered our constant review team) and also seeing she missed mine, I should admit to being shocked the Black increased finds herself so much up here (and equally shocked she’s above Stardust Draogn) yet neither the those things are right here nor there.

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Benefiting immediately from a share Synchro Summon (being Level 7 as opposed to 8 compared to Stardust) however still a hard 2400 attack, v an all at once unuseful Fire attribute, Black rose was quite a card in the game. She nukes the ar upon being Synchro Summoned come the Field, and also she really began to grow with the more release of tree (Glow increase Bulb, Dandilion, Spore, etc.) 

She’s harder come use and abuse in the game today, and also a little slower contrasted to what she was and what us have obtainable in the card pool as well, however she might still job-related in a committed Dragon or plant Deck. The 2nd effect isn’t as powerful, or necessary, one might even argue, as powerful as it have the right to be to drop assault to 0 and force a Monster into attack mode.


Then: 4.5/5 at peakNow: 3/5Average: 3.75/5

Art: 4.5/5

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