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exactly how much carry out you sweet on the moon?What is gravity?How does the gravitational pull of planets impact your weight?

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People first walked top top the Moon top top July 20, 1969. When Buzz Aldrin and also Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the surface of the Moon the day, lock not only made world history — they shed weight. How is this possible?

Before we can understand weight, we must first understand gravity and mass. Gravity is a natural force that attracts objects to every other.

On Earth, gravity is the constant force pulling us towards Earth and preventing us from flying off into space like a balloon. Once you step on a scale, it mirrors your weight together a number. This number is in reality a measure of the gravitational pull planet has top top you.

Mass is just how much “stuff" you are made of. Unequal weight, her mass is the very same whether you are on Earth, ~ above Mars, on the moon, sit in your living room, swim in the ocean, or floating what in external space.

Someone that weighs 200 pounds has much more mass 보다 someone who weighs 100 pounds. The more mass a human has, the better the pull of heaviness on them. This is why a scale shows a greater number for a larger person.

Small celestial bodies have weaker gravitational pulls than Earth. Larger planets, such as Jupiter and also Saturn, have actually stronger gravitational pulls, which method you"d weigh much more if you visited those planets.

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Since the Moon is smaller than Earth, it has a weaker gravitational pull. In fact, the Moon only has 1/6 the heaviness that planet does. This method you weigh 6 times less on the Moon than you perform on Earth!

When the astronauts came down on the Moon in 1969, castle wore an are suits and carried hefty packs that equipment. Because gravity is much weaker ~ above the Moon, every little thing weighed just 1/6 of its Earth-weight, and also the astronauts to be able come move roughly the Moon an extremely easily.

Try it Out

Are you ready for a pilgrimage to the Moon? Be certain to explore the following tasks with a friend or family members member:

Calculate just how much you would weigh on the Moon. Simply step on a scale to determine your existing weight, and also then divide that number by six. Currently imagine what it would be favor to weigh that quantity on the Moon. What execute you think it would certainly be prefer to it is in so light? create a short story around what you would do on the Moon if you had the possibility to walk there in person. Share your story v a girlfriend or family members member.