Aside from suitable noun usage, prefer "We"re on a mission indigenous God", when must "God" it is in capitalized? A couple of examples:

That"s a god dreadful question.Oh my god!No god-damn way.He play the part of the cannibal god

It occurs to me the whenever offered for decisive emphasis, by to express deity, that is successfully functioning as a proper noun as well? for comparison:

That"s a really awful question.Oh mine stars!(no viable equivalent)He play the component of the cannibal chief

PLEASE, no rants or tangents. This is a grammar question.

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To summary the ideal noun/common noun usage, i think the easiest means to take care of the case is come capitalize the word god once it is provided as a proper name together the name of the god the a monotheistic religion, such as the god that Christianity or Judaism, and also not capitalize it as soon as it is supplied as a usual noun:

Christians are supposed to monitor what God wants them to do.

Christians are claimed to follow what your god wants them come do.

I think this post from the site about agnosticism and atheism discusses the concern of once to capitalize god fairly cogently.

As for intake of the instances in the question, ns looked in the corpus of contemporary American and here’s what ns found.


72 god-awful 71 godawful 28 God-awful 10 Godawful 7 god dreadful 7 God awfulOverall, the hyphenated uncapitalized and also unspaced uncapitalized develops are about equally common. The hyphenated capitalized type was the next most common, but significantly less common, complied with by various other rare variants.

Oh mine God

For the very first 1000 results for oh my god, castle were split like this:

710 oh my God 139 oh my god 95 oh my God 38 oh my god 10 five MY GOD 7 five My God 1 five my GODAll sport of capitalization are used, yet “Oh my God” is the most common by rather a big margin.


For the an initial 1000 incidences the goddamn, castle were split like this:

770 goddamn 218 Goddamn 38 God damn 27 god cursed 18 god-damn 17 God-damn 12 GODDAMN 3 God-Damn 2 God damn 1 GOD DAMN183 instances of Goddamn developed after punctuation—only 35 emerged after a word. Lowercase goddamn is dramatically an ext common. Because that the spaced variation, capitalization was an ext common 보다 not, however for the hyphen variation, they were equally divided between capitalizing and not. Because that goddamn, the unspaced sports is much much more common 보다 the variants with space and hyphen.

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Cannibal god

For the last example, over there were, that course, no incidences of cannibal god in the COCA, but I think this works best the same means as Roman, Greek, Norse, and Hindu gods—as a typical noun, lowercased.