I was yes, really surprised once I witnessed the tortoise pictured above. First, this species of turtle, a Red-eared Slider, is not known to take place in the wild in Franklin County. Second, what on planet is wrong with its shell?

Let’s look at it more closely.

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Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

The outer surface the this turtle’s shell is shedding.

The turtle’s covering is subdivided into sections dubbed scutes. In my picture there is a prior scute that’s a lighter color, almost a light brown, toward the former of the shell. It appears to be raised above the neighboring scutes. Towards the rear edge of the shell you have the right to see the surface ar of one scute peeling away from the shell.

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I discovered myself wonder if this turtle was sick, so as soon as I gained home ns started searching the web to watch if it was regular for a tortoise to have a peeling shell. Many of my search results directed me to forums or blog that concentrated on exotic pets, pet turtles, or much more specifically, pets Red-eared Slider Turtles. Which bring me ago to why i was surprised to see this types of tortoise in the wild in Franklin County.

Distribution that Red-eared slider turtles in Ohio

While researching my short article on Ohio’s 12 species of turtles at a glance i came throughout a map of the turtle’s circulation in Ohio (excerpted from Reptiles of Ohio field Guide). Together you have the right to see the Red-eared slider is no widely spread in Ohio. Although native to the southeastern united States, for years this species of turtle has beena well-known terrarium pet. It’s thought that the Red-eared sliders uncovered in Ohio are probably released pet or the descendants of released pets. For this reason the small guy with the peeling covering seen above may have once remained in someone’s terrarium.