"It scared the heck out that me": West Kelowna woman catches praying mantis, black color widow struggle on camera

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WEST KELOWNA - when Varina stone took in a praying mantis, she anticipated the her new pet would certainly attack and often eat various other insects.But, when the West Kelowna woman observed a mantis being struck by a black widow in her basement, she expected a far different outcome.“I witnessed her (the mantis) under on the bottom of my slide door. I saw pick her up and put her by the light so she could get part bugs, and all of a sudden a black widow come shooting out and started anchoring she leg down,” rock said, noting the she was catching bugs for she mantises when she noticed the attack. “It fear the hell out that me once it come shooting out.”Stone backed far from the gift spider and also reached for the camera. A six-minute video posted come Stone’s YouTube channelSunday, Sept. 2 depicts the harrowing battle.“I was worried for the mantis, however next thing I knew she ordered the black widow and also started to eat her,” rock said. “I to be betting ~ above the spider and praying for the mantis, and the mantis won.”

A relatively brand-new mantis owner, stone said she was unaware that praying mantis preyed on black color widows. Follow to praying-mantis.org, the insects feed on crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies, beetles and also other mantises. They are additionally known to attack and feed on hummingbirds.Stone claimed she captured the mantises in her yard and also kept them as pets for a couple of weeks. Adhering to the relax of the video, rock said the mantises have actually been released back into her yard.As surprising together the conference itself, rock said she was astonished by just how much attention her video clip has garnered. By Friday afternoon, stone estimated that the video clip had been viewed much more than 20,000 times.“It’s mind-blowing exactly how much fist it’s gotten. Ns never can have imagined,” rock said. “I think maybe due to the fact that it’s such a rare and unusual thing to see.”Stone said, after ~ witnessing the fight, she plans come get more mantises together pets.“I have a new love and also appreciation the the praying mantis."To contact a reporter for this story, email Parker Crook or contact (250) 864-7494 or email the editor. Friend can likewise submit photos, videos or news advice to the newsroomand be entered to win a monthly prize draw.We welcome your comments and also opinions on our stories however play nice. We won't censor or delete comments unless they save on computer off-topic explanation or links, unnecessary vulgarity, false facts, spam or clearly fake profiles.

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