In today’s food culture, finding the right foods items for your specific diet is simpler than ever. The grocery store stores have actually vegan, organic, no pesticides added aisles right beside the gluten cost-free snacks and breads. Restaurants have actually all the ingredients listed right top top the menu.

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For someone who can’t have actually dairy in your life, detect dairy-free foods items should it is in no problem, right? no exactly. If you’re choose me, a somewhat ignorant but passionate lover that food, you don’t have the little clue what foods contain dairy. Go you recognize lactose is added to deli meats? Me either. And also even vegetarian cheeses deserve to still have traces the milk or dairy.

If she lactose intolerant, have actually a dairy products allergy, space on a monster diet, or you’re simply simply curious, I’ve found seven dairy-free foodstuffs that i didn’t recognize were dairy product free, and you probably didn’t either.

1. Oreos


Photo by Megan Prendergast

Lactose-free foodies, rejoice due to the fact that Oreos have no dairy. That’s right, the cream in the middle isn’t actually fairly so creamy. Anyone favorite middle is instead consisted of of sugar, high furustos corn syrup, cornstarch and soy.

And even better, Oreos are completely vegan. This provides these classic cookies the perfect treat because that anyone, whether you eat lock on their very own or usage them in lots of yummy Oreo recipes. And also because they’re dairy-free, they need to be healthy. In ~ least, it is what I try to tell myself together I reach for an additional handful.

2. Coffee Creamer


Photo through Alexa Nakamura

Cream and also milk have constantly been interchangeable enhancements to mine coffee. I choose it double-double and also it doesn’t matter which I’m including as lengthy as the sweetens up mine dark roast. Over there is one big difference between the two, though — dairy. Milk (not counting soybean beans milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc, etc — it’s no a surprise that these substitutes are dairy0free) consists of dairy, while coffee creamer (like CoffeeMate) has actually absolutely none.

Instead of dairy, coffee creamer is comprised of mainly water, sugar, some type of oil, corn syrup and also a bunch of various other chemicals that are hard to pronounce. Maybe I’ll just stick to soybean beans milk from currently on.

3. Brownies


Photo by Abby Wang

There’s great news and also bad news. No every brownie friend eat is dairy-free, unfortunately. Yet luckily because that you, brownie mixes you can find at your neighborhood grocery store, favor Duncan Hines, perform lack simply what we’re (not) looking for.

The mix is composed of cocoa powder, sugar, and also wheat flour. As long as you’re no making the milk chocolate range – duh, milk chocolate – this tasty treats i will not ~ flare up your lactose intolerance, however they will satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you really desire to show off your baking skills to all your friends in the dorm, you deserve to make them some 100 calorie pumpkin brownies using the Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownies mix.

4. Frosting


Photo by Amanda Nguyen

It’s creamy. The delectable. It’s the perfect topping to the Insta-worthy rainbow cake you’ve been dying to make ever since you experienced it on Pinterest. And did girlfriend know, part grocery store frostings room dairy-free?

Take Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Frosting, a an excellent addition to your Duncan Hines brownies you can also whip up. A run v of all the ingredients reflects sugar, vegetables oil shortening and water, among others, but there’s no milk and also butter to it is in found. That means that you reap spoonful after ~ spoonful the this mouthwatering topping without remorse — well, lactose-induced regret, anyway.

5. Marshmallows


Photo by Isabelle Chu

Marshmallows space a people of possibilities: Peeps, S’mores, Rice Krispies, slutty brownies, ooey gooey marshmallow cookies, etc. And surprisingly, they’re fully dairy-free. Marshmallows are consisted of of basically just sugar, water and also gelatin, which makes the cooking recipes super straightforward to duplicate and also fits into the lactose-free diet perfectly.

Go ahead and also indulge in a big fluffy marshmallow pressed in between two toasty graham crackers and also a piece of cacao — as lengthy as it’s dark — heck, also have two.

6. Jell-O Pudding

I’m certain we all remember Jell-O and also Jell-O pudding from our childhood, yet did you recognize that our favourite after institution snack was in reality dairy-free? also some that the age old standards can fit into your diet.

This lovely snack is made v cornstarch, cocoa and also a bunch of chemistry names, consisting of some lovely synthetic coloring. Hey, I never ever said the these to be surprisingly healthy, just dairy-free. Jell-O is undeniably tasty, though, and its short price point means that the Jell-O pudding shots you bringing to the party fit her college college student budget.

7. Dark Chocolate

This may have actually been the greatest surprise to me, the end of all the foodstuffs I found. A chocolate without any kind of dairy? Hello, sign me up. Rather of milk, simple dark coco is made with cocoa butter, sugar and also vanilla.

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Dark cacao is not just dairy-free, yet surprisingly good for you too. It has tiny to no added sugar and also generates endorphins, or “happy hormones.” eating a square a day not only fits right into your special diet, yet can assist greatly to mitigate stress and anxiety. The finest thing is, anything girlfriend make v milk coco can simply be substituted for dairy-free dark chocolate, like puppy chow.