When I use the conversion factors $fracpu1 mLpu1 cm^3$$fracpu1Lpu1000 mL$ $fracpu1.0567 qtpu1 L$ $fracpu1 galpu4 qt$.

I understand the final answer have to only have two far-reaching figures, but how many significant figures must the intermediate conversion determinants have?

I have heard that:

conversion determinants should have one more sig fig 보다 the least an accurate measurement. (So three in this case)

But I also heard that we shouldn"t ring anything till the end. (So usage all 5, and also round after conversions room complete)

The factor why ns got puzzled is due to the fact that of my textbook:



Use significant figures as much as you can in intermediate conversion factors,and then round off the last answer come two far-reaching figures,using more far-reaching figures in intermediary conversion determinants will bring about a accurate answer.I let friend conclude.

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I"m not sure where your conversion element came from as it is not correct but about the exactly factor:Because the customs is characterized using the metre, and also the gallon defined using the inch, over there is an exact conversion between them—1 us gallon is specifically 3.785411784 L.Thus, like any exact amount or switch factor, us treat the gallon to litre conversion factor as having infinite far-reaching figures.Because us have defined it exactly, there is no implicit apprehension in the number.There are other conversion determinants that space not exact and also do actually have actually uncertainties, however for most practical purposes, these have much more significant figures than a normal measured quantity.See this inquiry for an ext details.



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exactly how do ns round a calculation entailing both addition/subtraction and also multiplication/division come the exactly number of far-ranging figures?
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