Planning a trip to Denver, Colorado? If you’re considering the journey from Santa Fe, new Mexico, you are in because that a delightful, scenic experience. The route is greatly traveled, and the roads are maintained in an excellent condition. As soon as you recognize the basics, it’s time to load your bags and put ~ above that an excellent road expedition playlist.

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The Santa Fe come Denver drive might not it is in as quick (or perhaps as long) together you would certainly like, but there are numerous fun points to check out along the way. Prior to you hit the road, there room a couple of essential points to take into consideration when driving from Santa Fe to Denver. Through that in mind, below is everything you should know about making the drive from Santa Fe to Denver.


Now the you’ve gained your start and also end points map and know which stops you’re taking, there space a few other necessary things to keep in mind.

The faster route as soon as driving from Santa Fe come Denver is I-25.The most scenic route is U.S. Highway 285, but it is substantially slower.Trinidad is a an excellent halfway avoid to stretch her legs.Raton is the finest place to invest the night together they have more hotels and also restaurants than Trinidad.There are five rest stops in between Santa Fe and also Denver: ft Union, one in Maxwell, NM, El Moro, Cuerno Verde-Colorado City, and Pueblo-North.

Should You fly from Santa Fe to Denver Instead?

Even despite you are excited around the prospects of exploring Southern Colorado via a scenic and adventurous road trip, you may still wonder if girlfriend are far better off flying from Santa Fe come Denver.

In short, the prize is no –it’s not far better to paris from Santa Fe come Denver. While it does take about six hrs to drive in between the 2 cities, it takes nearly the very same amount that time come check-in in ~ the airport, take it the 90-minute flight, and also collect her bags. Also, you’ll still require to obtain a ride indigenous DIA come Denver, which is another 25-40 minutes.

Apart from lacking out top top the beautiful scenery, the beautiful phibìc American culture, and also the welcoming inhabitants of these two great cities, it is way much better to drive 보다 to fly. Again, unless you do not want to drive or cannot drive, it is much better to drive from Santa Fe come Denver rather of flying.

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Continuing on your roadway trip? Here’s my guide for do the Denver to Casper drive (in reverse) or driving every the means from Denver come Billings.

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