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Nonstop drive time

How much is the distance between Seattle and San Diego? The straight drive native Seattle, United states to mountain Diego, United claims is 1255 miles or 2020 km, and also should have a journey time that 19 hours in regular traffic.

Of course, this is simply the non-stop journey time. You more than likely need to protect against for gas, bathrooms, and also meals, so the drive time v stops is a little bit longer.

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Seattle to san Diego drive time with breaks

Driving from Seattle to mountain Diego takes about 19 hrs if you carry out it nonstop, however depending on even if it is you're switching off with someone else or act the expedition solo, whether you have kids, or your stamina, it'll practically definitely take longer.

Most guides recommend stopping for 30 minutes for every 4 hours of driving, and also driving as much as 8 hrs a day. For a typical driver who's not protecting against to check out too numerous sights, we mean a road trip to native Seattle to mountain Diego to take 3 days. During those 3 days, you'll journey for 19 hours in total and take 1 hour 30 minutes for breaks.

When taking breaks, friend might also check out some of the sights too! take it a look at the best stops top top a Seattle to mountain Diego journey for part inspiration.

What urban are in between Seattle and also San Diego?

If you're reasoning of driving between Seattle and also San Diego and thinking of remaining a night, it's precious looking in ~ a couple of of the cities that are on the route. The most famous cities to stop in between Seattle and San Diego space San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Portland, Monterey, greater Palm Springs, Yosemite nationwide Park, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and also Carlsbad. Mountain Francisco is the most famous city ~ above the route — it's 12 hrs from Seattle and also 8 hours from mountain Diego.

Going back? How far is mountain Diego native Seattle?

Honestly, it shouldn't different by too much, but if you're curious around the journey back, inspect out the turning back directions to check out how much San Diego is native Seattle.

On your pilgrimage from Seattle to san Diego, avoid by mountain Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Portland, Monterey, better Palm Springs, Yosemite nationwide Park, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Carlsbad! Make certain to visit mountain Francisco, the most famous city on the route, and also see san Francisco's height attractions favor Alcatraz Island, The gold Gate Bridge, and Cable Cars.

Portland, Oregon’s biggest city, sit on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the zero of snow-capped mountain Hood. It’s well-known for that is parks, bridges and bicycle paths, as well as for the eco-friendliness and also its microbreweries and also coffeehouses. Top Washington Park includes sites from the officially Japanese Garden to Oregon Zoo and its railway. The city hosts flourishing art, theater and music scenes.

San Francisco, officially the City and also County of san Francisco, is a cultural, commercial, and financial facility in northern California. San Francisco is the 16th most populous city in the united States, and the fourth most populated in California, with 881,549 citizens as of 2019.

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Monterey is a city ~ above California’s rugged central coast. Its Cannery Row, one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, to be immortalized by novelist man Steinbeck. Today, it's a famous strip the gift shops, seafood restaurants and also bars in convert factories. Additionally famous is Monterey just Aquarium, v thousands of marine animals and also plants on screen in underwater and interactive exhibits.
Santa Barbara is a city on the main California coast, through the Santa Ynez mountains as dramatic backdrop. Downtown, Mediterranean-style white stucco buildings with red-tile roofs reflect the city’s Spanish colonial heritage. Upscale boutiques and also restaurants offering local wines and also seasonal fare line State Street. On a surrounding hill, Mission Santa Barbara, established in 1786, residences Franciscan friars and also a museum.
Santa Monica is a seaside city west the downtown Los Angeles. Santa Monica coast is fringed through Palisades Park, through views over the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica Pier is home to the Pacific Park amusement park, historical Looff Hippodrome Carousel and also Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Beside the pier is Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym established in the 1930s. In the city center, Bergamot Station dwellings several art galleries.
Los Angeles is a sprawling southern California city and the facility of the nation’s film and television industry. Close to its top Hollywood sign, studios such together Paramount Pictures, Universal and also Warner Brothers market behind-the-scenes tours. ~ above Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre screens celebrities’ hand- and footprints, the walk of call honors hundreds of luminaries and also vendors offer maps to stars’ homes.
Anaheim is a city external Los Angeles, in southerly California. It's house to the Disneyland Resort, a massive complicated of family-friendly, Disney-themed rides, restaurants, hotels and also shops. The city's likewise home to pro sports teams. The Honda center is the indoor arena whereby the Anaheim ducks hockey team plays, and Angel stadium is the home ar of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team.

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Carlsbad is a city close to San Diego, in California. It's recognized for Tamarack Surf Beach, donate by the Carlsbad Sea Wall, and also secluded south Carlsbad State Beach. The Legoland California template park has rides, a water park and also the SEA LIFE Aquarium. The Flower fields is a seasonal attraction, through acres that flowers. Collection in a canyon, the Leo Carrillo Ranch historical Park is house to free-roaming peacocks.