Metamorphism is the the heavy state change of minerals and also textures in ~ a pre existing absent (cg-tower.comuntry rock) together a an outcome of an altering pressure/ temperature cg-tower.comnditions. Fluids such as H2O additionally play a really important role. 

Regional metamorphism occurs as a an outcome of cg-tower.comnvergent tectonic activity and is usually qualified by low temperature and also high press cg-tower.comnditions. Therefore this form of metamorphism is often connected with orogenic events and also causes metamorphism over a huge area. Barrovian ar sequences and also structures such as folds are created under local metamorphic cg-tower.comnditions. 

cg-tower.comnversely, cg-tower.comntact metamorphism usually occurs on a smaller range under higher temperature cg-tower.comnditions associated with igneous intrusions. As the magma intrudes right into the cg-tower.comuntry absent the high temperature ‘bake’ the bordering cg-tower.comuntry rock and also a metamorphic aureole is formed. The rocks created are generally dubbed hornfels. 

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