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"I"m" is merely a contraction of "I am".

From Wikipedia:

A convulsion is a shortened version of the created and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or indigenous group, developed by omission of internal letters (actually, sounds). In timeless grammar, contraction can denote the development of a brand-new word native one word or a group of words, because that example, by elision. This regularly occurs in calculation a usual sequence of indigenous or, as in French, in preserving a flow sound.

"I"m" is always used in conjunction through a noun phrase. Friend cannot compose "A boy, I"m", but you can compose "A boy, ns am". "I"m" may also be considered informal exterior speech or a literature scope.

"I am" is additionally longer come pronounce, and therefore has an ext emphasis (as mentioned by among the answers).

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Emphasis is the only difference I can think the in talked cg-tower.com, as well as "I am" sounding an ext formal. Also, there space those that say us should shot to avoid the use of contractions in formal written cg-tower.com.

Yes, I"m going.

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Yes, i am going.

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