Earl Grey Tea is a clip in plenty of tea-drinking households and tea shops, but Lady Grey is not quite also known. While these 2 teas share similar names and also include similar ingredients, castle are different teas with various flavors. If you want to know the difference prior to you try one or the other, review on. Ok share whatever I know.

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Both Lady Grey Tea and also Earl Grey tea space black teas flavored through Bergamot important oil. The distinction is that Lady Grey tea likewise includes orange and also lemon peel, and Earl Grey Tea go not. Lady Grey is additionally a trademarked tea make by Twinings, whereas numerous tea service providers make Earl Grey.

There are other subtle differences between these teas and important similarities.

Keep analysis to learn more about the differences between Earl Grey and also Lady Grey teas, just how to brew Lady Grey, and what Lady Grey is best paired with.

First, let’s begin with a table of simple comparisons in between the two teas.

A Table of Comparisons in between Earl Grey Tea and also Lady Grey Tea

Earl GreyLady Grey
When it to be producedEarly come mid-1800sEarly 1990s
FlavorRobust black color tea v citrus flavorMildly durable black tea through citrus, orange, and also lemon flavors
Companies that sell itJust about every tea company, consisting of Twinings, Stash, and LiptonTwinings
Variations?Many various variations that lug in a variety of flavors, frequently florals or citrus.Technically a variation of Earl Grey itself, only one official variation “Orangery that Lady Grey.”
Available in sachets?YesYes
Available as loosened leaf tea?YesYes
Available in k-cups?YesNo
Is a decaf version available?YesYes

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey tea is in no means a “new” tea. That been approximately since the 1800s and also probably longer than the in some areas. Rumors indicate it has Chinese origins, one means or another.

Earl Grey Tea is named after the British prime Minister Charles Grey, although why the tea is connected with that is, well, steeped in myth. 

According to Twinings, Charles Grey gave Richard twining the recipe and asked him to create it for him, but even Twinings notes the this is a legend. It is not clear whether Charles Grey ever championed the tea or if this was simply the marketing used to sell it in ~ the time.

Most rumors suggest to the tea originally being a gift come Charles Grey native Chinese diplomats, yet there is small evidence the this actually happened. All of the rumors and also myths are made slightly more facility by the truth that bergamot, which is used to smell Earl Grey, was offered to smell low-quality teas in ~ the time. 

It is hard to imagine a prime Minister openly championing what may have been viewed as a low-quality tea.

“Earl Grey and Lady Grey might not be every that different when it pertains to their straightforward flavor profile, however Lady Grey’s milder flavor appeals to people who discover Earl Grey a little too robust.”


What kind of Tea is Earl Grey?

Earl Grey isn’t a form of tea the way that black, green, oolong and also rooibos teas are types of tea.

Earl Grey is a subcategory of black color tea the is flavored with bergamot. Bergamot is a citrus fruit mainly discovered in South eastern Asia, back the best Earl Grey is said to be flavored with bergamot indigenous Calabria, Italy.

Earl Grey Tea has actually a unique floral and also citrusy flavor, sometimes defined as being grapefruit-like and smokey. However, no all Earl Grey Teas will certainly taste the same because different tea machines use various quality ingredients, teas, and bergamot from different regions, and also different methods of adding the bergamot flavor.

What room the ingredient in Earl Grey?

Because just about every tea firm makes one Earl Grey Tea, the ingredients deserve to vary. You’ll find different attributes of black tea, and it have the right to come from just about any region.

That being said, you have the right to expect to uncover the adhering to ingredients in Earl Grey Tea:

Black teaBergamot essential oilBergamot peelBergamot flavoring

On the perform of ingredient on the box of tea, bergamot can be noted as “Natural Citrus flavor” or something similar.

What sports of Earl Grey room There?

Lady Grey isn’t the only variation of Earl Grey.

There are numerous variations that Earl Grey that add other flavors together with bergamot, yet the an essential components of Earl Grey room still black color tea and bergamot flavoring.

Some sports you can run across include ingredients together as:

LavenderMintOrange peelLemon peelLemongrassCornflowerVanillaRoseBlue mallow flower

Some Earl Greys room made more powerful by mix Lapsang Souchong (a Chinese black tea dried over pine fires for a smoky flavor) through the black tea leaves.

Using black color tea from different regions can also affect the strength and flavor the the tea.

Red Earl Grey provides Rooibos leaves and forgoes the black tea altogether.

What is Lady Grey Tea?

Unlike Earl Grey Tea, Lady Grey Tea walk not have much that a history, at the very least not yet! that was developed by Twinings in the 1990s to it is in a “more elegant” variation of Earl Grey, and also it is only do by Twinings.

It is called after Charles Grey’s wife, mary Grey, yet it is likewise called Lady Grey due to the fact that it is said to be a an ext elegant and gentler version of Earl Grey. The name maybe has an ext to carry out with marketing than any type of true link to mar Grey.

What kind of Tea is Lady Grey?

Lady Grey Tea is a sports of Earl Grey.

Like Earl Grey, Lady Grey Tea is a flavored black color tea. It is flavored with bergamot, however that’s no all! It also includes orange and lemon peel.

Lady Grey has actually a similar flavor come Earl Grey, however the mix of black color teas from different regions and the enhancement of orange and lemon peel do the flavor softer, milder, and fresher.

Twinings is the only company that renders an main Lady Grey tea. If you view Lady Grey by an additional company, that is not a true Lady Grey (and most likely a trademark infringement), but some carriers produce comparable teas through slightly different names favor Stash’s Empress Lady Grey black color Tea.

What are the ingredient in Earl Grey?

Because Lady Grey is do by just one company, you will discover a regular ingredient list. Follow to Twinings, Lady Grey Tea includes:

Black tea, grown in China and central AfricaBlack tea, get an impression in IndiaOrange peelLemon peelNatural citrus seasonings with other natural flavors

What are the sport of Lady Grey Tea?

There space not numerous variations the Lady Grey due to the fact that it is only made but Twinings. However, Twinings does do a selection of Lady Grey dubbed Orangery that Lady Grey, which is a component of the discovery Collections. It has actually a similar recipe to traditional Lady Grey Tea v the enhancement of blue cornflower.

You can additionally find sport of Lady Grey by other companies that encompass lavender or various other floral accents.

Do girlfriend Brew Lady Grey Differently?

Because Lady Grey is very comparable to Earl Grey, girlfriend don’t should brew it any differently. Tastes may vary, and also there are plenty of opinions about the proper way to brew any type of kind that tea, therefore you might need come tinker v these instructions.

Here is just how I brew Lady Grey Tea:

Fill tea strainer through 1 tsp of loose tea or take it a sachet that tea from the box.Place the tea into your teacup.Pour around 1 cup of freshly boiled warm water (recommended temperature is 208 degrees Fahrenheit) into the cup. This measure up doesn’t have to be exact, but if you space using a very huge cup, you might want come add much more tea come the strainer or usage a 2nd teabag. Allow the tea to brew because that 2 minutes. If you favor a stronger tea, allow it come brew for 3 minutes. Some human being recommend unavoidable for as much as 5 minutes, yet this is far too lot for our tastes. If this is your very first time imminent Lady Grey, begin with 2 minutes and go up as needed.Remove the tea indigenous the cup, and also your tea is ready to drink as soon as it get the optimal drink temperature unless you’d like to include something.

What have the right to You include to Lady Grey Tea?

If you currently drink Earl Grey, you can try drinking Lady Grey the exact same way, but it is a slightly an ext delicate tea. You can not need to include quite as lot milk, sugar, or lemon to her tea, therefore be all set for some testing as you gain used come the smell of this exquisite tea.

I suggest very first trying Lady Grey Tea there is no any enhancements so the you can experience the organic flavor. When you know what you’re functioning with, you deserve to experiment by adding just a little amount that your desired tea accompaniments slowly. Too lot milk, especially, deserve to render Lady Grey undrinkable, so be careful.

Here are some enhancements I would recommend:

Lemon or orange slicesA squirt of lemon or orangeMilk, simply a very small amountAlmond milk, or other non-dairy milkSugar or Monkfruit, to tasteHoneyOrange or lemon zestGingerLavender

Any the these would make a an excellent addition come Lady Grey tea, but traditionally, Lady Grey is all set with just some lemon and also sugar.

“Lady Grey Tea and also Earl Grey Tea both pair through the same types of food because their flavor profiles are really similar.”


What walk Lady Grey Tea Pair With?

Lady Grey Tea and Earl Grey Tea both pair v the same varieties of food because their flavor file are an extremely similar.

Both teas room made through black tea, which has actually a robust flavor and can hold up to stronger seasonings in the food gift served.

Remember, Lady Grey is slightly much less robust, so because that dishes with very solid flavors (like very rich desserts or spicey beef), Earl Grey might be a far better choice.

Here are some foodstuffs that human being enjoy pairing v their Lady Grey Tea:

Sweet baked goodsCitrus flavored treats like lemon breadFloral flavored treats prefer lavender cakesChocolate, prefer browniesSpices, choose spiced meatsBeefQuicheLemon chickenHam, acting meatsCheese platesCarrot CakeCustards

As you deserve to see, both Earl Grey and Lady Grey can hold increase to stronger flavors.

Citrusy dishes will certainly play turn off of the natural citrus seasonings in the teas, but that doesn’t mean citrus flavors are a requirement. You’ll simply need to prevent light or delicately flavored foods as the tea have the right to overpower the meal. 

Does Lady Grey Tea save Caffeine?

Yes. Lady Grey is a black color tea, which way it includes naturally arising caffeine, as with Earl Grey. However, you deserve to purchase decaffeinated execution of both Lady Grey and Earl Grey teas if you want to protect against caffeine.

Decaffeinated version of Earl Grey are simpler to find simply due to the fact that Earl Grey is a much more popular and well-known tea.

Does Lady Grey Tea save Bergamot?

This inquiry comes increase a lot since when you look at the ingredient on a box of Lady Grey tea, that doesn’t typically say “bergamot” anywhere on it. Instead, it will say “natural citrus flavors” or something really similar. Some Earl Grey Teas will also say this instead of listing bergamot as the ingredient, for this reason it isn’t unusual.

So yes, Lady Grey Tea has bergamot as with Earl Grey.

Other ways to gain Lady Grey

Beyond a warm cup the tea, there space a couple of other ways you might want to gain Lady Grey if you’re feeling creative.

One favorite is the Lady Grey latte, but as you will see, you deserve to consume Lady Grey tea in every the methods you’d consume Earl Grey.

Iced Lady Grey Tea

You may have heard that iced Earl Grey tea (and if girlfriend haven’t, you should provide it a try!), yet Lady Grey is additionally absolutely very delicious on a warm summer day.

Here’s how to do Iced Lady Grey:

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil (or about 208 degrees Fahrenheit).While you’re waiting for the water, prepare the tea strainer through 4 tsp that tea.Remove the water indigenous the heat and place the strainer into the warm water.After 3-5 minutes, eliminate the tea strainer indigenous the water and permit the tea come sit for around an hour or until it reaches room temperature.Once the tea has actually cooled enough, you have the right to pour it right into a pitcher and include ice or ar it in the refrigerator to cool further.Drink as is or include sweetener and a splash of milk or cream to make an icy, luxurious drink.

You deserve to make much more or less than 4 cup at a time. Just remember that you’ll want at the very least 1 tespoon of tea for every cup the water.

Lady Grey Latte

If friend haven’t do the efforts tea lattes, you really lacking out. Castle are good ice or hot. They market that delicious tea flavor v the affluent creaminess the a latte. Lady Grey tea is robust enough to hold up in a latte form, but offers a milder flavor contrasted to Earl grey.

Here’s how to make a Lady Grey Latte:

Place 1 tsp the Lady Grey in your tea strainer and put the in her cup.Pour 1 cup of hot water (208 degrees Fahrenheit) into the cup.Allow the tea to steep because that at the very least 3 minutes. You may wish to make the tea stronger because you’ll be adding an ext milk 보다 usual.Heat up ½ cup that milk (cream or non-dairy milk works, too). You deserve to do this in a saucepan, but a milk steamship is ideal.Once the tea has steeped enough, eliminate the strainer and also pour the hot milk into the tea.Add your preferred sweetener (vanilla syrup is delicious) or drink without sweetener.

You can make this an iced beverage by making use of cold milk and adding ice.

Lady Grey Cocktails

You’ve read that right! There space some major tea lover out over there making very delicious tea-inspired cocktails. Below are a few that we’ve rounded up for you:

There space many more wonderful Lady Grey cocktail ideas out there, however you have the right to replace the Earl Grey Tea through Lady Grey Tea in any type of cocktail recipe the calls because that it.

Lady Grey baked Goods

As with the cocktails, if you find a baked great recipe that calls because that Earl Grey tea, you deserve to use Lady Grey instead for a slightly different treat.

You won’t acquire as solid of a tea flavor in the treat, however Lady Grey is strong enough to organize up in a baked good.

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Here are some ideas:

Lady Grey is just as functional as Earl Grey. It have the right to be consumed hot, iced, in a latte or a cocktail, and as crucial flavor ingredient of small goods. 

Earl Grey and also Lady Grey might not be all that different when it comes to their an easy flavor profile, however Lady Grey’s milder odor appeals to people who discover Earl Grey a little bit too robust. Both teas are versatile and also can be augmented through a range of flavors and paired with different foods.

Lady Grey is definitely worth a try. I really love it and also I’m thinking It could just it is in your next favorite tea!