Porridge is a great treat for breakfast. It deserve to be eaten by chin or include a different variety on the side. There two types, grits i m sorry are known to it is in made from corn when the cream of wheat which is made from oats and also wheat. Both are put together native yummy ingredients. But what is the difference of grits matches cream of wheat and also which one would certainly be the best?




Main ingredients of grits are water and ground corn seasoned v salt. For creamier grits, you can replace water v milk. Cooking time depends on how much you space prepping for. But typically it deserve to take friend 15 to 25 minutes. Mix the entirety kernel with boiling water (or milk) and continuously stir to stop it native lumping. This porridge can be flavored through butter and salt. You can also serve it v cheese bacon or sausage. Leftovers deserve to be maintained in the fridge and fried that after with breeding or just plain grits.

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Cream the Wheat


On the other hand, cream the wheat’s key ingredients is oats/wheat and water. The very same as grits, girlfriend can alternating milk through water. The texture of cream wheat is lot smoother than that of grits. Prepare time is about 10 to 15 minute using conveniently mix in a box. Just include water (or milk). It also thickens and forms lumps the is why it likewise needs to it is in stirred. There are also obtainable mix that is instant and you simply need to include boiling water. This porridge can be flavored v sugar or you can add fruit and also nuts in it. Because of that is wheat product, it is ~ above occasions seem great for babies and toddlers and people who have low gluten or wheat tolerance.

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Grits vs Cream the Wheat

GritsCream of Wheat
- main ingredients that grits are water and also ground corn seasoned with salt- Cream of wheat’s main ingredients is oats/wheat and also water
- cooking time take you 15 come 25 minutes- prepare time is approximately 10 come 15 minutes using easily mix in a box
- offer it with cheese bacon or sausage- deserve to be flavored with sugar or girlfriend can add fruit and nuts in it



Having conveyed the difference and similarities the the two porridge, Grits are typically a little bit salty to the taste when the cream that wheat is on the sweet side. So, grits versus wheat? it is a draw. Every human has different taste buds. Depending on what you prefer, both are equally healthy and also good.