Bluebird vs. Bluejay – What’s the Difference?

When we were new to birding, given our region (Northeastern USA) a Bluejay to be the only “blue bird” us knew of. Often times world would cite “bluebirds” to us in conversation, and also my mind started to wonder … “Are castle talking about a Bluejay … or some other bird?”. Provided our, currently elevated expertise of birds and bird watching, we recognize that Bluebirds space in fact, a totally different kind of bird indigenous a Bluejay.


Before us dive right into the differences, bluejays and bluebirds re-superstructure some usual traits. Both bird belong come the Passerine stimulate of birds. Both birds are also Omnivores, meaning they can derive nutrients from plant, or pet (insect) sources. And lastly, yet most importantly, both birds space (at the very least partly) … blue!



We currently have a good page top top Bluejays, but I’ll amount up several of the differences here in relation to bluebirds.

Bluejays are component of the family members Corvidae. Additionally in the Corvidae family members are crows, and magpies.Bluejay coloring is vibrant, and includes distinctive “barred” colour on it’s tail and also wings.In a trait most likely related to their lack of sexual dimorphism, both the male and female bluejays participate in nest building, and also fledgling rearing.Bluejays are much larger than bluebirds, commonly growing to 10-12 inches.Bluejays have actually large, strong beaks – which they use to feeding on nuts, seeds and also acorns.Bluejays are much louder and much more aggressive than many birds.Bluejays don’t migrate and are typically found in the eastern an ar of phibìc America.BLUEBIRD

Bluebird photo by Jennifer Aldrich

Bluebirds belong come the Turdidae or “thrush” family as it’s typically referred.Bluebird color in comparison come Bluejays is much much more subdued or muted.

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Blue head and wings, v a irradiate brown or orange chest (with regional variations).Bluebirds, uneven Bluejays do exhibit sex-related dimorphism, with the females showing up duller in shade than the males.Like plenty of other birds, the female of the varieties is responsible for swarm building and also fledgling care.Bluebirds are smaller than Bluejays, much less aggressive and an ext passive when it pertains to potential danger, preferring to lay low, rather of sound an alarm favor Bluejays.Bluebirds have actually smaller beaks, which limits their diet come fruit and other softer foods.