Chapter 16 Summary

The topics covered in this chapter deserve to be summarized as follows:

16.1Glacial durations in earth History16.2How Glaciers Work16.3Glacial Erosion16.4Glacial Deposition
There have actually been countless glaciations in Earth’s remote past, the oldest known beginning around 2,400 Ma. The so late Proterozoic “Snowball Earth” glaciations were believed to it is in sufficiently extreme to affect the entire planet. The existing glacial duration is known as the Pleistocene Glaciation, and while it to be much an ext intense 20,000 years back than that is now, we space still in the center of it. The periodicity that the Pleistocene glaciations is related to subtle alters in earth’s orbital characteristics, which are exaggerated by a range of confident feedback processes.

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The two main types of glaciers are continental glaciers, i beg your pardon cover large parts of continents, and alpine glaciers, which accounting mountainous regions. Ice cream accumulates at greater elevations — over the equilibrium heat — where the snow that drops in winter does no all melt in summer. In continental glaciers, ice cream flows exterior from wherein it is thickest. In alpine glaciers, ice cream flows downslope. In ~ depth in the glacier ice, circulation is by interior deformation, however glaciers that have actually liquid water at their base can also flow through basal sliding. Crevasses type in the rigid surface ar ice in places where the lower plastic ice is changing shape.
Glaciers are vital agents that erosion. Continental glaciers often tend to erode the land surface into flat plains, while alpine glaciers produce a wide range of various forms. The crucial feature of alpine glacial erosion is the U-shaped valley. Arêtes are sharp ridges that type between two valleys, and also horns type where a hill is glacially eroded top top at least three sides. Due to the fact that tributary glaciers execute not erode together deeply as main-valley glaciers, hanging valleys exist wherein the two meet. ~ above a smaller scale, both species of glaciers kind drumlins, roches moutonées, and also glacial grooves or striae.
Glacial deposits are rather varied, as materials are transported and deposited in a selection of various ways in a glacial environment. Sediments that room moved and also deposited straight by ice are recognized as till. Glaciofluvial sediments are deposited by glacial streams, either forming eskers or huge proglacial plains recognized as sandurs. Glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine sediments originate in ~ glaciers and also are deposit in lakes and the s respectively.

1. Why space the Cryogenian glaciations referred to as Snowball Earth?2. Earth cooled significantly from the end of the Paleocene until the Holocene. Describe some of the geological events that added to that cooling.

3. When and where to be the very first glaciation that the Cenozoic?

4. Define the extent of the Laurentide ice cream Sheet throughout the height of the critical Pleistocene glacial period.

5. In an alpine glacier, the ice cream flows under the slope of the underlying valley. Continent glaciers execute not have a sloped surface ar to circulation down. What function of a continent glacier facilitates that flow?

6. What walk the equilibrium line stand for in a glacier? Explain.

7. Which of the adhering to is an ext important to the development of a glacier: an extremely cold winters or relatively cool summers? Explain.

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8. Explain the relative prices of ice circulation within the complying with parts of a glacier: (a) the bottom versus the top and also (b) the edge versus the middle. Explain.

9. What condition is vital for basal slide to take place?

10. Why do glaciers carve U-shaped valleys, and how walk a hanging sink form?

11. A horn is generally surrounded through cirques. What is the minimum variety of cirques girlfriend would expect to find roughly a horn?

12. A drumlin and also a roche moutonée room both streamlined glacial erosion features. Just how do they differ in shape?

13. Four instances of glacial sediments are displayed here. Explain the important attributes (e.g., sorting, layering, grain-size range, grain shape, sedimentary structures) of every one and also give each a name (choose native glaciofluvial, glaciolacustrine, lodgement till, ablation till, and also glaciomarine).


14. What are drop stones, and under what circumstances are they likely to form?

15. What varieties of glacial sediments are likely to be sufficiently permeable come make an excellent aquifers?