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Every Lynda Carter "Wonder Woman" costume, ranked in stimulate of wondrousness

Do you like her in a blue wetsuit or a cape?


Though Wonder Woman ran simply three seasons, the superhero confirmed off a vast array the looks. And also we"re not simply talking around the killer 1970s fashions the Diana Prince wore in her day-to-day life.

Wonder woman herself had an awesome selection of costumes on the tv show. The character had actually an equally diverse sartorial background in the pages of her comic books, wherein artists illustrated her wearing every little thing from a white jumpsuit to a black jacket and pants. 

On the small screen, Diana Prince summoned several practical outfits with her wonder twirl. She had get-ups for land, sea and… er, skates.

Here is our spatu look in ~ Lynda Carter"s Wonder mrs costumes. Frankly, they"re all great — far more bright and also inspiring than several of the muddy, too many articulated looks you"ll find in modern comic book movies. I m sorry one is her favorite?

1. The main costume, WWII era


This is THE Wonder woman costume. It"s hard to top. There room some ethereal differences in between the an initial season iteration and the later on look. Over there are much more stars on her shorts, of varying sizes, which provides it an ext pop. The gold eagle on she red bustier is an ext avian and condensed, contrasted to the kind of palm tree look friend will check out below. It"s difficult to image any live action Wonder mrs topping this.

2. The west look


Yes, we room stirring things up with this highly underrated ensemble. Wonder mrs wears it just once, in "The Bushwhackers," however it appears far more comfortable and also functional. Well, beside from all the stains she"s most likely to gain on those breezy pantaloons. The designers were able to modernize she look, if still maintaining a timeless, casual style.

3. The major look, modern era


Again, it"s tough to top the classic, but the couple of aforementioned tweaks carry it under a notch. The gold palm styling on she top dates it a little bit to the 1970s.

4. The Motocross suit


The blue wetsuit transforms up in a handful of illustration — whenever our hero demands to walk underwater or on a motorcycle — and remains a fan favorite. We love the biking look v the extra accessories. She rocks those goggles.

5. The official cape


Eat your heart out, Superman! Wonder Woman deserve to sport an amazing cape, too. Note her officially skirt, as well, through retrained application of stars. We"ll talk much more about the skirt below.

6. The initial skirt


The rarest of every onscreen Wonder woman looks, this skirted costume appeared only in the 1975 pilot filmThe new Original Wonder Woman, given to she by Queen Hippolyta (Cloris Leachman). It"s close to our hearts, as it"s a dead ringer for the character"s original look in 1942 comic books.

7. The blue wetsuit


The blue wetsuit made its an initial appearance here, in the early on season two episode "The Bermuda Triangle Crisis." Later, in "The deadly Dolphin," she is able to quickly summon fin on her feet, too.

8. The paradise Island watch


At the start of the second season, Wonder Woman switched networks, jumped eras, and also retraced few of her origin story. At residence on paradise Island, Diana Prince sports this beachy look, alongside she recast queen (Beatrice Straight). Part subtle distinctions improve her aboriginal look, specifically the much more detailed belt i m sorry mirrors she headband. No, she doesn"t have actually wings, that"s simply clever framing. We execute love this shot.

9. The Skateboarder


It"s a very details look, yet at the very least Wonder woman demonstrates suitable skateboarding safety and security with she helmet and pads, regardless of being nearly invulnerable and also stuff. The elbow details room pretty sweet.

10. The initial Paradise Island look at


Here we see the original pilot look at of the paradise Island look from a pair spots above. We"re no crazy around Wonder mrs in a mask. That"s Batman"s thing. Or eco-friendly Hornet"s, or green Lantern"s, etc. Besides, this looks choose a basic Zorro Halloween mask. The No. 33 in roman numerals is not as stylish as the later top, either. Oh, and a blonde Wonder Woman? She looks much more like among Charlie"s reserve Angels.

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11. The gold Mask


Yeah, prefer we said, Wonder mrs in a mask simply feels off.

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