If you were to take it a look at note Harmon now, it’s straightforward to say the the star has actually a pretty an excellent life. Mark stars in among the longest running reflects on television — NCIS — and has been married to the love that his life for over 30 years. Yet Mark hasn’t constantly had the so easy. The actor opened up up that farming up, the still feeling he had something to prove.

Mark Harmon’s father was a Heisman win football star

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Mark Harmon | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Growing up, Mark had some nice amazing function models come look increase to. His mommy was a former actress and his father was a renowned sports broadcaster. Mark’s father, cutting board Harmon, played tailback at the university of Michigan. In 1940, thomas won the Heisman trophy, one award provided to “the many outstanding soccer player in the united States.”

In 1941, thomas was selected first in the NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. However Thomas decided not come pursue experienced football. Instead, he came to be a fighter pilot because that the military Air Corps. He earned a purple heart and a silver star while serving during civilization War II.

As a kid, note admits that there was included pressure ~ above him. The recalls being in small League and feeling that he had to prove himself. He would go the field and parents would say “Oh, it’s no huge deal, that’s Tom Harmon’s son.”

Was mark Harmon athletic?

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Mark wasn’t just good at baseball, he complied with in his father’s footsteps and also became a star quarterback in ~ UCLA. He states the presumptions adhered to him and also he was dubbed “Charmin Harmon.” world once again assumed that things just came naturally for him.

During his run at UCLA, Mark aided turn the team about and aid them win among the biggest upsets in university football history. Favor his father, note knew that a life in expert football was not what the wanted. He graduated in 1974 with an attention in attending legislation school. Things didn’t job-related out there and also Mark eventually started to seek acting.

Was note Harmon close to his father?

In a 1986 interview, note revealed that things were complicated growing up v his father. Being a sports broadcaster, Tom was constantly on the road. Mark said: “He elevated me hard. And when ns say hard, I mean hard.” the continued: “I was taught come fight because that everything and that the only way to go about getting something was with everything you had.”

Though the 2 later ended up being close prior to his father passed in 1990, note said those early years were difficult on him. Yet growing increase the way he did shame Mark right into the gibbs he is today. He told People: “I come from working stock, and also I’m proud of that. You have to get up every day and also just try hard.”

How mark Harmon’s tough work has paid off

There’s a reason NCIS is one of the many successful shows on TV and that reason is mark Harmon. Note told Pac-12 News in 2011: “I look in ~ the display as a team. I’ve constantly been a team guy. I’m no in for the personal part of this, and also I wasn’t together an athlete either. We’re all a family.”

NCIS is right now in season 16 and also was just renewed because that season 17. The actor has actually been v the show since the beginning and recently revealed that he has no intentions of walk anywhere, at any time soon, saying: “I’ve always thought if there’s ever before a time whereby the writers are walking right into the room and going ‘I don’t know what to do,’ then ns think we all need to look at every other and call it a day.”