Social media users have actually seemingly recorded the Shottas an insect following photos of the two key stars, Ky-Mani Marley and also Spragga Benz, floating about social media. Shottas the movie to be written and directed through Cess Silvera and also released in 2002. Popular Jamaican radio terminal Zip 103 FM recently confirmed that Richie Effs and also Micheal Wekerle are also involved in the operations of what will certainly be the sequel. Effs is known primarily for his work-related with Silvera because that the original film and being the linked producer for 2017’s A Miami Love Story.

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The Canadian tv personality Wekerle is ideal known because that his occupational on the Shark Tank motivated Dragons’ Den and 2019’s Trailer Park Boys: The animated Series. Spragga Benz recently shown via Instagram the he right now has a “fifty-seven page script” for Shottas 2.

Shottas was filmed in Jamaica and Miami and included the star-studded actors of Paul Campbell together “Mad Max,” the so late Louie Rankin together “Teddy Bruck Shut,” Macka Diamond, agent Sasco previously Assassin as “Blacka”, Wyclef Jean together “Richie Effs,” DJ Khaled as “Richie’s henchman,” Flippa Mafia together “John John,” “Spragga Benz as “Wayne,” and also Marley together “Biggs.”


The gritty crime-drama speak the tale of 2 young guys who grew up in the highways of Kingston. Their love for money would eventually lead them under a path of crime and violence native a an extremely tender age. The money garnered indigenous robbing a soda truck at some point fuels their initiatives to the States. Once there, they continue their shady practices, ultimately rising to top-level duties in the criminal underworld. Wayne and Max would certainly be deported ago to Jamaica, where they continued their criminal activities. Their activities led them ago to Florida come face-off versus “Teddy Bruck Shut” and his associates.

The graphic depiction of violence, solid Jamaican accent, and also banging dancehall/reggae soundtrack has actually resulted in the movie being reputed a cult classic. It should be exciting to see just how well the chemistry flows between the old cast members. Rather a few persons room curious about the function Spragga Benz will certainly play in the sequel since his character was supposedly eliminated in action.

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As because that the recent pictures of Spragga and also Ky-Mani, it transforms out their link was also to facilitate the shoot of a brand new music video.