Using Derek’s convenient acronym, we now know just how scientists share the marine species that us love. Today, the group focused on taxonomy (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).

Photo Credit: Ayla Ridwan

After a fun and eventful fourth of July, breakfast started at 9:00 AM, enabling everyone to sleep in and also prepare because that a totality day the even much more exciting activities! after a fast breakfast, every one of us loaded onto the vans come head to Reuben Tarte. Once we obtained to our destination, Derek announced a friendly competition in between the house groups (Seals, Orcas – obviously the ideal of the groups, Salmon, Octopodi, Sharks) that challenged each that the teams to share as countless organisms on the beach as possible.

Photo Credit: Leighna Sugimoto

We walked among the slippery sea lettuce frantically transforming over rocks to uncover plenty of crabs, ocher sea stars, and also gunnels. A true miracle of biologic was experienced by some of the group members once they saw two crabs reproducing. 4 hours were invested at Reuben Tarte exploring the beach, permitting everyone come discover and also identify marine varieties they had actually never watched before.

Even though a student experienced a sprained ankle from slipping on the cold rocks, us did find a dead 1.5 meter-long fish lied in an obscure edge of a tide pool. Dr. Adam Summers, the head ichthyologist at Friday harbor Labs, to be contacted around the fish. The texted Derek come “leave the fish in a tank if the wasn’t over there to shriek v excitement”. After ~ the disgustingly smelly carcass to be loaded into a van, Ben and also Camden accompanied the fish come Friday harbor Labs. The remainder of the students visited visit the pleasant-smelling Pelindaba Lavender Farm.

Photo Credit: Devika Dwivedi

At Friday harbor labs, Camden and also Ben carried the log right into Dr. Adam Summer’s lab. The log in was very closely placed top top a tank while the rest of the team searched for an north tank to placed the fish into. Camden and Nicholas put gloves on come lift the fish into the north tank. Dr. Summers was there quiet shrieking v joy! The fish head was squeezed to remove the eye lens. Scissors were then offered to eliminate the eye of the fish. The log to be then eliminated from the lab and tossed top top the beach.

The Lavender Farm, top top the other hand, smelled very pleasant. Some students opted to take a peaceful and also relaxed walk through the abundant areas of purple, while rather went right to the gift shop to taste test and try out lavender products. After ~ a short 20 minute at the farm, the college student arrived earlier to the dorms to invest some personal time until dinner.

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Photo Credit: Leighna Sugimoto, Model: grace Davis

To finish the day, us watched the brand-new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: much From home as a whole group! the was rather unexpected, yet it to be a pleasant surprise and a funny movie to clock together.