It’s been virtually a decade since Deadman Wonderland premiered, however with the show trending on Netflix, fans space wondering why over there is no season 2.

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When it involves anime collection past and also present, Netflix is doing wonderful things and bringing the genre come a whole brand-new audience.

Now, one anime the is almost a te old is trending on the communication – ah the power of instant access streaming.

Deadman Wonderland is an anime adapted from an extremely popular initial manga series by the exact same name.

Season 1 that the show was exit in 2011 however with the collection trending on Netflix, numerous fans space left wondering once a 2nd instalment will be released.

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Deadman Wonderland season 2: renewal status

Unfortunately, the is extremely unlikely that us will ever before get a second season the the Deadman Wonderland anime series.

In 2015, the production firm behind the anime, Manglobe Inc. Go into administration with a blame of around 350 million Yen – approximately £2.5 million or $3.2 million. This method that the original creators, producers, animators and also directors room all split and also working for various companies.

However, we should never speak never and also there is constantly the possibility that the anime will certainly be choose up by one more production agency somewhere down the line.

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There is expect that since the display is trending ~ above Netflix, there might be a resurgence in a viewing audience and the platform might consider transforming it right into an original series.

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