If you space traveling to the Czech Republic to work-related or travel, us are here for you! TheCzechRepublic is a beautiful country to visit, steeped in a culturally rich atmosphere that might be really different from your own. So, you must make a visit. However, respecting regional citizens is a huge deal in every country across the world. Therefore, aside from some typical phrases, it would be best to find out some various other formal and also informal words. In this article, girlfriend will involved know how to to speak hello in the Czech and other greetings.

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Hello In The Czech with Some simple Czech Greetings For your Vocabulary

Following are explained some basic Czech greetings that you must use during your visit come the Czech Republic:

Hello/Hi (Hello In The Czech)

Czech: Ahoj/Nazdar

Whenever you meet someone formally, the very first word that you expectedly speak is that you welcome them through a Hello/hi. However, if you desire to to speak hello in the Czech, you to speak Ahoj/Nazdar in place of Hello/Hi.


Czech: Pozdravy

Most often, human being do not say hello in the Czech. Instead, lock greet world by just saying “Greetings.” If you want to greet the same method in the Czech, say “Pozdravy.”


Czech: dík

How can you have actually interaction and not have to thank lock occasionally? So, girlfriend say thanks in the Czech language together “dík.”

You room Welcome

Czech: nemáš zač

Typically, friend respond to someone’s thanks with a “welcome.” But, in Czech, you to speak “nemáš zač.”

Do girlfriend Speak Czech?

Czech: mluvíš česky

The following thing you can say to world after a hello or greeting lock is about the language. So, if you want to confirm whether lock speak Czech or not, to speak the phrases prefer “mluvíš česky.”

OK Good!

Czech: yes sir dobře

In English, you say “OK good” rather a the majority of times. So, if you appear to agree v people, you have the right to express the in Czech together “OK dobře.”

It to be Nice conference you

Czech: Rád jsem tě potkal

When you space pleased to fulfill people, what else execute you say other than “It was nice conference you”? So, in Czech, you express the satisfied of meeting human being as “Rád jsem tě potkal.”

Long Time No See!

Czech: dlouho jsme se neviděli

When you meet world after a long time, the an initial thing you might say to them is “long time no see!”. So, if you want to speak this expression to someone in the Czech language, to speak “dlouho jsme se neviděli.”

Good Morning

Czech: dobré ráno

When you fulfill a neighborhood at the begin of the day, girlfriend greet them v “good morning.” In Czech, friend go choose “dobré ráno” to do their morning.

Good Afternoon

Czech: dobré odpoledne

If you meet someone in the afternoon, you could greet castle in Czech as "dobré odpoledne."

Good Evening

Czech: dobrý večer

Saying great evening as soon as you satisfy someone at the end of the work is additionally a obligated ritual. Thus, night greetings in Czech are “dobrý večer.”

Good Night

Czech: dobrou noc

Informal night greetings are “Good night” in every language. So, in Czech, girlfriend say great night as “dobrou noc.”

Good Day

Czech: dobrý den

Wishing a friend in this method is also a really heartfelt greeting. Want to wish someone a “good day” in the Czech? say “dobrý den.” Dobrý den is the many formal greeting the you would certainly see people from Prague commonly using.

See friend Tomorrow!

Czech: Uvidíme se zítra!

If you space departing native a friend v hope or great to accomplish them the next day, you say, “see girlfriend tomorrow!”. Thus, in Czech, you say the very same as “Uvidíme se zítra!.”

Other Czech Greetings To use In The Czech Republic

Hello In The Czech

There are plenty of other formal and also informal words and also hello in the Czech language, and also the above-mentioned crucial words. We have actually enlisted them under as an example so the you can quickly learn lock to include to your vocabulary.

Czech PhrasesEnglish Translation
Čím se živíte?What execute you do for a living?
Mohu mít vaše telefonní číslo? have the right to I have actually your call number?
Jak se naučit českou výslovnost?How to learn Czech pronunciation?
Nechtěl byste se jít projít?Would you prefer to walk for a walk?
na shledanouGood bye
Moc jsem si to užívalI took pleasure in myself really much
neznám tuto osobuI don"t know this person
Jsou dobří kamarádiThey space literally good friends
chovej se jako domaMake you yourself at home
tolik mladých lidí na večírku!So numerous young people in the party!
Miluji vaše zdvořilé jáI love your polite self
To je přesně to, co jsem hledal!This is precisely what ns was feather for!
Máš krásné jménoYou have actually a beautiful name
sbohem starým dobrým časůmGoodbye to the an excellent old days
Taková krásná rodina!Such a beloved family!
Jste muž kulturyYou room a male of culture
Dbejte na jeho výrazyPay heed to his expressions

Hello in the Czech

These to be some typical Czech words that you can incorporate in her vocabulary and speak when you need to. Anyhow, if you want to say hello in the Czech or any type of other language thoroughly, you have the right to learn v theLing App. Also, read our hands-on write-up on25 typical phrases in Czech.

Learn Czech v The Ling App

Learning new words is a find of many. So, if you want to learn how to say hello in the Czech and also other greetings or any other language, you space on the ideal platform. Download the Ling app bySimya Solutionright now and also learn to literally speak prefer the indigenous Czechs with identical punctuation and also expressions.

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If friend have any kind of questions about the discovering languages process, you can read “Frequently inquiry Questions” on our page with a single click.