Yes, CPT coding is one intricate and also very details procedure. Failing to pick the appropriate five-digit code that accurately defines a company or procedure your physician performed it s okay you a one-way ticket to refuse Claimsville. Just how do your coders convey differences in between physician"s notes and terminology used in CPT password descriptions? For much more than 15 years, the American clinical Association, i m sorry owns and maintains the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, has published guidelines in its CPT Assistant newsletters that do just that. However if your coders aren"t seeing and correctly applying guidelines such as these we"ve assembled below, they"re costing your facility money. OSMPROCEDURE: Multiple stems Liposuction Sites<1>WHAT come DO: Do...Report code 15877 (trunk suction-assisted lipectomy) for each area that liposuction on the trunk. Append comprehensive -59 come the subsequent steps performed.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Undercode 15877 as soon as multiple trunk sites to be liposuctioned.PROCEDURE: Deep Subcutaneous Lesion Excision<2>WHAT to DO: Do...Use one excision password from the Integumentary system (for example, 11400 ??" 11446, excision, benign lesion) when a lipoma is present in a superficial location. However, as soon as the lipoma is in a deep subcutaneous, subfascial or submuscular location, report an ideal code from the musculoskeletal system (for example, 21930, excision, tumor, soft tissue of back or flank) come describe an ext closely the occupational entailed. You"ll have to consult the procedure report to recognize the medical professional work affiliated in removed the lipoma.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign 11400??"11646 skin lesion codes as soon as the lesion was excised native deep subcutaneous organization or even deeper sites.PROCEDURE: "Requiring Anesthesia/Under Anesthesia"<3>WHAT come DO: Do...Keep in mind that the CPT password descriptors that encompass the expression "requiring anesthesia" or "under anesthesia" show that the work affiliated in that particular procedure requires the usage of basic anesthesia. Don"t report code 23700 (shoulder manipulation under anesthesia) if general anesthesia is no provided.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Assign a CPT password that claims "requiring anesthesia" or "under anesthesia" when neighborhood anesthesia or conscious sedation was used.PROCEDURE: Bone Marrow Spinal Grafting<4>WHAT come DO: Do...Use code 38220 (bone marrow; aspiration only) to report the separate aspiration procedure if bone marrow is aspirated because that grafting in an arthrodesis procedure. However, once the bone marrow is obtained prior to the arthrodesis, encompass the location of the bone marrow aspirate as component of the arthrodesis procedure — don"t report that separately.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Omit code 38220 when the bone marrow is aspirated intraoperatively during the spinal arthrodesis surgery.PROCEDURE: Spermatic Cord Lipoma Excision throughout Hernia Repair<5>WHAT to DO: Do...Append modifier -59 (distinct procedural service) to password 55520 to indicate that excision of the spermatic cord lesion is a separate, distinct procedure indigenous the inguinal hernia repair performed in ~ the very same surgical session.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Omit code 55520-59 once a spermatic cord is excised throughout inguinal herniorrhaphy.PROCEDURE: Tonsillar Electrocautery and also Adenoid Suction Diathermy/Ablation<6>WHAT to DO: Do...Assign tonsillectomy and also adenoidectomy password 42820 or 42821 as appropriate for suction diathermy, a ax generally applied to electrosurgery/electrocautery; medical diathermy typically indicates that no tissue damage or destruction is done; ablation means removal or damage of tissue. Even if it is performed with electrosurgical dissection, tonsillotome, cold knife dissection, laser, microdebrider, harmonic scalpel or thermal welding technique — removal of tonsils is a tonsillectomy, and removal the adenoids is an adenoidectomy, no issue what the technique.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign an unlisted CPT code once a non-traditional an approach is provided for tonsillectomy through adenoidectomy.PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic wedge liver biopsy<7>WHAT to DO: Do...Assign code 47379 (unlisted laparoscopic liver procedure).WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign password 49329 (unlisted laparoscopy procedure, abdomen, peritoneum and omentum).PROCEDURE: Colonoscopy with warm Biopsy Forceps Specimen<8>WHAT to DO: Do...Assign code 45384 (colonoscopy with removal of lesion by warm biopsy forceps or bipolar cautery) if a physician performs a colonoscopy and also biopsies a polyp with the warm biopsy forceps (without entirely removing the polyp).WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Assign colonoscopy with biopsy code 45380 when hot biopsy forceps are supplied to achieve a specimen.PROCEDURE: GI Endoscopy v Injection<9, 10>WHAT come DO: Do...Report a code from the cradle endoscopy section, which consists of codes for directed submucosal injection(s) of any type of substance . Examples of substances that may be injected include: india ink, which marks a lesion so friend can conveniently identify the affiliated segment that the gastrointestinal street in the future. Other instances of submucosal injected substances are: botulinum toxin, saline and also corticosteroid solutions. Additionally report a submucosal injection code as soon as a polyp is injected through saline or "lifted" prior to removal by another an approach (such together snare removal).WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Omit the endoscopy with submucosal injection code.PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic Mesh Placement<11>WHAT to DO: Do...Report a laparoscopic incisional hernia repair with implantation of mesh through unlisted laparoscopic hernia repair code 49569.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign open up mesh implant password 49568 (implantation of mesh or other prosthesis for incisional or ventral hernia repair) when the mesh to be implanted laparoscopically.PROCEDURE: Cystoscopy with Multiple Bladder Tumors<12>WHAT come DO: Do...Rather than adding the tumor sizes together for a cumulative full size, measure up each tumor individually to identify the ideal category (small, medium, large) when multiple bladder tumors space fulgurated or resected using a cystourethroscope. Usage code 52234 once for single or multiple tumors the individually measure 0.5 - 2.0 cm. Report code 52235 as soon as for tool (single or multiple) tumors the individually measure up 2.0 - 5.0 cm. Take into consideration tumors bigger than 5.0 cm to be huge and report them as soon as using code 52240.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Let physicians acquire away with not specifying in the operative reports the measurement of every bladder tumor when they eliminate multiple bladder tumors. Without this level that detail, coders routinely default to a solitary CPT code, when multiple codes might be justified.PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic Lysis that Adhesions<13>WHAT come DO: Do...Report a laparoscopic lysis password (44180, 58660) if the following are documented in the medical record: Adhesions space multiple or dense, they cover the main operative website or the lysis adds significant time to the operative procedure and also increases the threat to the patient.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign password 58660 or 44180 when the documentation doesn"t support the different reporting that the adhesiolysis.PROCEDURE: Cystoscopy with Transvaginal ice cream Surgery<14, 15>WHAT to DO: Do...Report password 52000 in enhancement to password 57287 (removal or revision of sling for stress incontinence), since code 57287 doesn"t encompass the work of performing a cystoscopy. Don"t report code 52000 (cystourethroscopy), in enhancement to password 57288 (sling procedure for stress incontinence), once a cystoscopy is performed to confirm that the sling procedure was successful.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Assign code 52000 with code 57288, when the cystoscopy is perform to check the success of the sling procedure.PROCEDURE: Bilateral Laparoscopic Oophorectomy/Salpingectomy<16>WHAT to DO: Do...Append comprehensive -50 to password 58661 (laparoscopy v removal that adnexal structures), which describes a unilateral procedure, to show the procedure was performed bilaterally if a laparoscopy and bilateral remove of ovaries and/or fallopian tubes room performed.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Omit the bilateral modifier -50 when bilateral laparoscopic removed of the ovaries and/or fallopian pipe is performed.PROCEDURE: many Spinal Electrodes<17>WHAT to DO: Do...Keep in mind the the CPT coding device makes no distinction as to the number of sites compelled for the placement of electrode catheters. CPT password 63650 (percutaneous implantation the neurostimulator electrode array, epidural) have the right to be reported twice as soon as two neurostimulator electrode catheters are put through two separate sites. WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Let physicians acquire away with not point out in the operative report whether two separate sites were used to place two spinal electrodes. Without this level that detail, coders on regular basis default to a single CPT code, when multiple codes might be justified.

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Medical Coders Survey
How Does your Coder Rate?Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of respondent say a coding expert isn"t auditing remittances (EOBs) v the billing staff, i beg your pardon calls right into question exactly how these framework are circumventing future coding errors, and identifying and also appealing underpayments. The EOB or remittance advice describes why payors deny or change services. A insurance claim may be refuse for numerous reasons, consisting of several that room tied to coding: clinical necessity, absence of modifiers, unbundling or outdated codes. "Payors space usually going to outmaneuver providers once it come to technology and its capability to edit for coding or clinical necessity errors," states the American Academy of expert Coders. "From a provider"s point-of-view, finest practices would demand a coding skilled be in the remittance loop to find out mistake that lead to corrections in coding practices or repayments on insurance claims downcoded or refuse erroneously by payors."Thirty-eight percent of respondents say their physicians performed coding duties. That those physicians who code, 67 percent code frequently or every the time. Respondents were evenly separation on whether the coding performed by medical professionals saved any kind of time. Many say physicians decided codes native "cheat sheets" or pick-lists (55 percent for ICD-9-CM, 64 percent because that CPT), and 75 percent say medical professionals expected the coders to review and correct your coding as necessary. Part 75 percent say they"re payment hourly; 25 percent worked for a salary. Working from home, a benefit many coders seek, was obtainable to 5 percent full-time and 13 percent part-time.SOURCE: "The work of a Coder" survey (n=12,000) by the American Academy of expert Coders, February 2008.
PROCEDURE: Epidurography<18>WHAT come DO: Do...Use password 72275 (epidurography, radiological supervision and also interpretation) only as soon as an epidurogram is performed, images are documented and a official radiologic report is issued.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Code and also bill password 72275 once no images and formal radiological report room on file.PROCEDURE: Epidural Catheter placement with consistent Infusion<19>WHAT to DO: Do...Use codes 62318 and also 62319 (injection, consisting of catheter placement, consistent infusion or intermittent bolus, epidural or subarachnoid) when multiple (three or more) injections are provided through a catheter the is placed in the subarachnoid or epidural room over a duration of hrs or one to two days. This multiple injections regularly involve different substances, such as placebo injection or varying quantities of narcotic, as component of a thorough diagnostic or treatment regimen. WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign password 62318 or 62319 when a catheter to be temporally offered to do a solitary epidural injection, and also the catheter is then removed during the same operative session. Password such single injections together 62310 or 62311 together appropriate.PROCEDURE: Medial Branch Nerve Injections<20>WHAT to DO: Do...Remember the the facet joint injection codes space 64470 ??" 64476 (injection, anesthetic agent and/or steroid, paravertebral facet joint or facet joint nerve). This codes refer to the injection of a facet share either by: ? injection into the joint v one needle puncture, or by ? anesthetizing the 2 medial branch nerves that supply every joint (two needle punctures).Do...Report the side injection codes when when the injection procedure is carry out irrespective of whether a solitary or lot of puncture is compelled to anesthetize the target share at a offered level and also side. Because that example, injection of the L3 and L4 medial branch nerves giving the L4-L5 side joint would be coded as 64475. Even though two separate injections space performed, the an outcome is tho a single facet joint block.Do...Remember the the facet joint injection codes room 64470 ??" 64476 (injection, anesthetic agent and/or steroid, paravertebral facet joint or facet share nerve). This codes describe the injection of a facet joint either by: ? injection into the joint v one needle puncture, or by ? anesthetizing the two medial branch nerves that supply every joint (two needle punctures).Do...Report the side injection codes as soon as when the injection procedure is perform irrespective of whether a solitary or many puncture is compelled to anesthetize the target share at a provided level and side. For example, injection the the L3 and L4 medial branch nerves providing the L4-L5 side joint would certainly be coded together 64475. Also though two separate injections are performed, the result is still a solitary facet share block.WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Assign a facet injection password for each medial branch nerve that is injected/anesthetized, instead of report one password for the solitary facet joint the the two branch nerves supply.PROCEDURE: Hook Dilation/ extending of Iris<21>WHAT come DO: Do...Keep in mind the cataract extraction in glaucoma patients deserve to require complicated techniques or maneuvers to achieve cataract extraction and/or IOL insertion. Because that example, chronic management of pupillary constriction medication (miotics) for glaucoma regularly reduces the pupillary solution to mydriatics (drugs that reason pupillary dilation) administered prior to the extraction procedure. However, the dilation that the iris through manually extending it through a hook inserted through the same incision doesn"t justification the use of password 66982 (extracapsular cataract removal through insertion that intraocular lens prosthesis, complex).WHAT no TO DO: Don"t...Assign facility cataract extraction code 66982 as soon as a hook is provided to dilate/stretch the iris to reduce papillary constriction.PROCEDURE: impacted Cerumen<22>WHAT come DO: Do...Know the the American Academy that Otolaryngology- Head and Neck surgical procedure (AAO-HNS) says that any type of of these need to be present to consider the cerumen to be impacted: ? visual considerations. Cerumen impairs test of clinically far-reaching portions that the exterior auditory canal, tympanic membrane or center ear condition. ? Qualitative considerations. exceptionally hard, dry, irritative cerumen causing symptoms such together pain, itching and hearing loss. ? inflammatory considerations. connected with foul odor, epidemic or dermatitis. ? Quantitative considerations.

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Obstructive, copious cerumen the cannot be eliminated without magnification and multiple instrumentations requiring medical professional skills.Removing wax that"s not impacted doesn"t warrant reporting CPT password 69210 . Record such work by one evaluation and also management (E/M) password regardless of just how it"s removed.WHAT not TO DO: Don"t...Assign password 69210 when the documentation doesn"t assistance the AAO-HNS- and AMA-approved "impacted" cerumen definition.References:1. Feb. 2005 CPT Assistant 2. Aug. 2006 CPT Assistant 3. April 2005 CPT Assistant 4. June 2007 CPT Assistant 5. July 2000 CPT Assistant 6. May 2008 CPT Assistant 7. Aug. 2006, Dec. 2007 CPT Assistant 8. Dec. 2005 CPT Assistant "Special Q&A Issue"9. CPT alters 2003: an Insider"s View10. Jan. 2004 CPT Assistant 11. Sept. 2001 CPT Assistant 12. Oct. 2002 CPT Assistant 13. Jan. 1996 CPT Assistant14 Oct. 2000 CPT Assistant 15. Nov. 2007 CPT Assistant 16. Jan. 2002 CPT Assistant17. March 1999 CPT Assistant18. Parenthetical keep in mind under code 72275 in CPT password book19. Jan. 2000 CPT Assistant 20. Might 2004, Sept. 2004 CPT Assistant 21. Nov. 2003 CPT Assistant 22. July 2005 CPT Assistant