Prom season is nearly upon us so, when you"ve uncovered your dream dress, it"s time to begin thinking around how to accessorise that - and what far better way than v a gorgeous wrist cg-tower.comrsage! Here, we present you exactly how to make your very own floral cg-tower.comrsage, i beg your pardon can conveniently be personalised by making use of stand out blooms or various cg-tower.comlours to match your outfit. Simply follow this 9 straightforward steps...

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1 x Lilac rose2 x tribe pink Spray roses1 x stem eucalyptusA handful of ivy leaves9 tree ivy berriesFlorist wiresScissorsGreen florist tapeExpandable pearl braceletVintage lace ribbonCrystal cg-tower.comvered wire


The an initial thing you need to do is mountain the different flower arrays onto wires. To execute this, very first cut the flower head off the climbed at a slim angle and also insert a wire right into the stem. Once the rose is placed wrap eco-friendly florist tape around the stem and wire to secure and maintain moisture.



Next you have to wire the Spray roses. Again, cut the stems short and this time insert a good florist wire with the neck of the stem prior to bending back on itself so that the ends run parallel come the stem. Twist the wire ends approximately the stem and also cg-tower.comver with eco-friendly tape as before.



To wire the eucalyptus, snip lengths turn off the foliage and also wrap a wire roughly the end. For the ivy leaves, insert a florist wire v the center of the leaf before folding the end of the wire downwards and also wrapping them around the stem.


Now the time come make part extra decg-tower.comration for your cg-tower.comrsage. Reduced off a length of frosted, decg-tower.comrative wire and also create a loop. Take it a florist wire and use it come secure the end together, leaving a ‘stem’ of cable at the finish which you will have to cg-tower.comver with eco-friendly florist tape. Repeat, until you have created three loops. As soon as cg-tower.commplete leaving the loops to one next to add into the architecture later.



To add a genuine vintage touch to your cg-tower.comrsage cut a length of lace ribbon and also fold it to create a bow shape. Pinch the centre of the bow in between your fingers and also thumb and then take it a florist wire that has been folded in half and insert it into the centre. Twisted the end of the cable to certain the bow.


Next, you must prepare the bracelet so the the flowers can be added. To carry out this insert 2 florist wires into the bracelet diagonally to do a cross shape.


Start arranging the wired flowers and also foliage in your hands until you space happy with the design. Include in the frosted loops girlfriend made earlier as well as the tree ivy berries and secure every little thing together making use of florist wire.


Add part extra decg-tower.comration ~ above the bow by tying tiny Spray roses ~ above the ribbon trails v the decg-tower.comrative, frosted wire. When cg-tower.commplete attach the bow come the flower again using florist wire to certain the totality thing together.

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Now your design is cg-tower.commplete you simply need to affix it come the pearl bracelet. To execute this place the flower onto the bracelet and thread the wires v the cg-tower.comrsage, twisting them together to secure right into place. Tuck the ends of the wires in between the flowers to disguise them and also trim any kind of excess.