CONGREGATION that THE mother CO-REDEMPTRIXAlso recognized as Dòng Ðng Công, abbreviated CMC. Dòng Ðng Công is an indigenous Vietnamese congregation of religious priests and brothers with communities in Vietnam and the U.S. Founded by a Vietnamese priest, Ðaminh (Dominic) M. Trn Ðình Thủ in 1953 in Bùi Chu (in north Vietnam), the fledging ar fled southward practically immediately, authorized the massive exodus to southern Vietnam in the wake of the French defeat at Ðiện Biên Phủ, adhered to by the signing the the 1954 Geneva Accord which split Vietnam at the 17th parallel. In the south, the congregation activate schools and also seminaries, and also carried out pastoral work-related in parishes. A 2nd exodus arisen in the consequences of the loss of Saigon ~ above April 30, 1975. About 170 priests and brothers the the Dòng Ðng Công fled south Vietnam by boat. Picked up by American naval vessels, they to be resettled in the U.S. Under the auspices that the then Bishop bernard F. Law, Bishop the Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the Dòng Ðng Công was offered a new lease on life. Headquartered in Carthage, Missouri, the American

branch that the Dòng Ðng Công offer Vietnamese parishes and also communities throughout the U.S. Their yearly Marian Days expedition celebration every August, mirrored after the classic Marian Days pilgrimage to the Shrine of ours Lady of la vang in main Vietnam, draws an estimated 50,000 Vietnamese Catholics come Carthage. The congregation numbers roughly 200 priests and brothers in the U.S., and around 400 in Vietnam.

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